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Cyber Security & The Future of Work – a Conversation with our VP of Product, Kenneth Granno

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Recently, our VP of Product Kenneth Granno was interviewed by Cybernews. This gave us a great opportunity to reflect again on our mission and vision, especially in regard to compliance, cybersecurity and upcoming trends of work.

An out-of-the-box solution that answers the market needs

Speaking with Cybernews, Kenneth Granno shared his experience as VP of Product at eloomi to give insights into why companies are turning towards new methods to solve their compliance and cybersecurity training needs. Organizations around the world are looking for solutions to re-engage employees after the pandemic shake-up and to support future growth.

That’s where eloomi comes in. From the managers’ and employers’ points of view, eloomi represents a win-win situation. It combines the ability to get enough data and insights with the opportunity to save admin time and focus on employees’ development and motivation. On top of that, eloomi provides employees with a modern tool to improve and learn skills to avoid feeling stuck at work.

Engaging your employees with a modern approach

Moreover, eloomi resonates with the current best practices when it comes to increasing people wellbeing and productivity at work. Because of its high accessibility and unique features, the eloomi LMS covers the entire employee lifecycle – from preboarding and on – to ensure that talent is developed and supported in every step of their career. With eloomi Skills, identifying potential and mapping out the skills across the entire business has become effortless.

It’s important to remember that hiring and keeping the right, skilled individuals remains one of the biggest challenges today. Nurturing and retaining talent starts with establishing transparent collaboration at work and the eloomi reporting feature makes this process second-nature. This also contributes to enhancing employees’ engagement and mutual clarity about individual expectations around performance.

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Navigating the future of work between challenges and opportunities

Among the current changes and pandemic repercussions, eloomi’s mission kept the focus on continuous learning and compliance excellence. Internally, the eloomi team worked to maintain an agile environment based on interactive communication, flexibility, and creativity. The overall experience resulted in a simpler and highly customizable product that every company, from big corporations to start-ups, are already seeing drive results.

Understanding that compliance starts from individual awareness and know-how, eloomi’s attention and effort have been dedicated to building a compliance training solution that can work on its own. How? The compliance solution presents automation and reminders to ensure that no deadlines or learning cycles are missed. Moreover, by accessing the ultimate Content Store, organizations worldwide can easily select the mandatory courses and find more ‘good to have’ learning paths.

When it comes to compliance, the main threat today is represented by cybersecurity. Because of its nature, being cyber safe means being constantly up to date with the latest technologies and hacking systems such as phishing attempts or data leaking events.

Additionally, remote working emphasizes the importance of recurrent compliance training and completion status to keep the company in control of the whole IT security including internal policies and regulations.

The eloomi way, seeking innovation and fostering a strong learning culture

According to Kenneth, ‘it’s hard to be innovative without a creative process and motivated people’. This is why eloomi is offering a solution that caters to our human drives for efficiency, room for improvement and curiosity. All users become enthusiast learners with a clear overview of their current progress and a future career growth plan. Their development is based on a unique onboarding process, solid compliance training and rapid skills upgrading.

Besides, HR leaders and managers get their best ally in building a powerful learning culture that moves the needle to achieve successful outcomes, stay competitive and retain the best talent.

Thank you to Cybernews for the opportunity to discuss and elaborate more on current industry changes and compliance trends.

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