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Are Performance Appraisals Necessary in the Workplace Today?

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Performance appraisals, typically a one-on-one meeting between an employee & their manager. Seems simple but people have very strong opinions against them. So, with so many managers against performance appraisals we can’t help to wonder, are performance appraisals necessary in the workplace today?

Why do we need performance appraisals? For some, regular appraisals and check-ins with employees are an essential pillar of good performance management. But for others, it’s an outdated system that doesn’t bring results.

Earlier this year, Forbes.com wrote that “performance reviews are artifacts left over from the Industrial Revolution.” So, with so many managers against performance appraisals, we can’t help but wonder, are performance appraisals necessary in the workplace today?

Outdated Approaches to Performance Appraisals

Before panic ensues, let me explain a little. Performance reviews, or appraisals, aren’t unneeded – but they are outdated. As with all HR processes, performance reviews need to be updated to fit today’s world.

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Traditionally, performance reviews are an annual meeting that discusses an employees’ performance against set targets. Immediately, we might start to question the logic of a once-and-done yearly process. Employees need feedback more than once a year. Regular feedback keeps them focused on tasks that are most important.

Equally, we’ve seen across industries that the needs of customers are changing faster than before so an employee’s work needs to move at the same pace. Therefore, professionals are encouraging reviews to be viewed as constant feedback rather than a formal annual one-to-one meeting.

Feedback and goal setting annually just doesn’t cut it in the modern work environment.

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Future Performance Appraisals Can Have Importance

We have clarified that this is a process that needs to be done regularly. This however can take a lot of time & resources but that can all be solved with a modern performance management solution. We have found a way to simplify the appraisal process while keeping the important factors still intact.


We encourage ongoing feedback which is why we have enabled a way to focus on one-on-one conversations. Our conversations dashboard allows you to keep track of employee check-ins, schedule talks ahead of time, and track outcomes all from a single hub.


Employees never have to worry about if they are improving their skills because they can track their own progress & create goals for themselves. We help share the power of progress & improvement instead of restricting it.


Gone are the days that employees dread their appraisal meeting because we have made reviews easy to track and prepare for. With a shared dashboard for notetaking, and recommended agenda items, questions, and outcomes we have established a way for employees & managers to be in constant contact, and to ensure all voices are heard.


Feedback, reviews & appraisals are now a daily part of life with eloomi rather than the annual timeline of the old days. Employees know where they stand on a regular basis & managers can provide insights in a timely manner.

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Ready to explore how you can transform your performance appraisals or performance reviews process? Get in touch to see how eloomi supports a better process for people development.


Are performance reviews necessary for employee development?

Yes, performance reviews are necessary for employee development as they provide feedback, identify strengths and weaknesses, and set goals for improvement. eloomi’s L&D platform offers tools for creating and tracking employee development plans.

How often should performance reviews be conducted?

Performance reviews should be conducted at least once a year, but some companies opt for more frequent reviews. eloomi’s L&D platform offers automation options for scheduling and conducting performance reviews, ensuring they are timely and consistent.

Can performance reviews improve employee engagement?

Yes, performance reviews can improve employee engagement as they provide a platform for communication, goal setting, and career development. eloomi’s L&D platform includes reporting and insights to track employee engagement and progress.

How can performance reviews benefit employers?

Performance reviews benefit employers by identifying top performers, setting goals for improvement, and addressing any performance issues. eloomi’s L&D platform offers customizable solutions for performance reviewing and reporting, ensuring HR can efficiently manage and track employee performance.

What role does technology play in performance reviews?

Technology plays a crucial role in performance reviews, as it can automate scheduling, create customizable review templates, and provide real-time feedback. eloomi’s user-friendly L&D platform includes built-in performance review tools, automated workflows, and reporting options to streamline the performance review process.

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