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eloomi’s extended enterprise LMS, or eLMS, is a cost-effective solution for companies and partners to align their training goals and track performance across their organization. It’s a leading customer experience learning platform for small to mid-sized businesses.

Simplified onboarding for extended enterprises

Extended enterprise training is a procedure to train the complete network, including partners, clients, resellers, outside audiences, etc., on the relevant business ecosystem. This form of training facilitates quick selling strategy adoption throughout your firm.

Extended enterprise training without the headache

When you’re looking for a way to educate your employees in a fun, engaging way, it can be challenging to find the right solution. eloomi offers an ideal learning platform for setting up and running any kind of learning initiative, including but not limited to:

Create and manage content with ease

eloomi’s on-demand learning management system makes it easy to create and manage content. While you’re doing this, our extended LMS will be there to help you track learner information while allowing learners to access course material from any device, anytime.

The extended LMS lets you customize your course catalog so learners can easily find the courses they need when they need them. Using our analytics dashboard, you can see which courses are most popular among learners to determine future developments focuses. You can even use the same course or content across multiple channels—like webinars and email newsletters—to keep things consistent for learners.

Easily create your own online training

eloomi’s extended learning management system makes it easy for companies to create custom online customer training programs. The extended LMS, much like the basic LMS, lets instructors create a course in just five minutes. But there are some key differences that make creating online training a breeze for even the biggest organizations.

For example, you can use the extended LMS to create your own customized training content and learning paths from start to finish, or you can take existing eloomi courses and mix and match content to create new courses. That means you don’t need to build your own employee training program from scratch, but that you can use eloomi’s existing material as a base and go from there!

Measure success and track development

You can use eloomi’s initiatives to track development and success metrics for all of your courses, no matter their platform. eloomi allows for a blended learning environment that enables you to both track your learners’ actions in the LMS, as well as see the impact of those actions across social media and on other sites.

Through the use of the extended learning management system (extended LMS) functionality, you can track where learners are going when they leave your internet domain. You can also combine this information with their interactions in the LMS and their email traffic with your institution.

This gives you a more complete picture of your learners’ journey through their e-learning experience with your insurance, global asset management, or other company and more opportunities to engage with them outside of the class time window.

segment reporting function on eloomi platform

Benefits of Extended Enterprise LMS

The extended enterprise LMS is an excellent solution for eCommerce companies that have expanded their business and want to maintain a unified employee training environment, and thus want to make a good business impact. Your extended enterprise LMS enables various departments within your organization to access the learning management system, providing employees with a centralised location for all of their training needs.

Some of the benefits of using an extended enterprise LMS include:

When your company has a strong brand, it’s easy to get lazy about customer training. After all, you probably know the company culture, mission statement, and expectations of your employees intimately.

Outsourced or extended enterprises, however, can be hard to train for because they have employees who might not be familiar with your company or brand. They might not be used to the same terminology or business terms as you are. Even if they have experience in your field, it’s possible that they don’t share the same knowledge base as the rest of your employees.

In order to ensure brand retention of any outsourced enterprise, you need to make sure that everyone is on the same page. eloomi’s Extended Enterprise LMS provides a simple way for you to train new employees—even those who will be working remotely—so that they can deliver excellent results right away and maximize their productivity levels.

One of the challenges that extended enterprises often face is keeping everyone up-to-date with product knowledge. These companies have multiple locations and different departments, so it’s difficult for everyone to be on the same page, even if they’re working on related projects. This can lead to missed opportunities and, in some cases, a lack of safety awareness that could put people at risk. Some industries, such as oil and gas, need their workers to have specific training in order to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

There are a few ways that an Extended Enterprise (EE) can ensure that everyone’s on the same page—one is by introducing a more centralized training program through the use of eloomi’s Extended Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS). This helps EE companies ensure that all employees are trained on the latest products and procedures.

eloomi has a unique approach to skills training for extended enterprises. When providers or employees are part of a team that uses the Extended Enterprise LMS, they are able to create their own course in the system, just as if they were an employee of the company that owns it. They can then train their coworkers on how to use the system and even help empower them to become certified on it.

The Extended Enterprise LMS makes it easy for anyone within an organization to create and deliver content, so there’s no limit on who can use the system or what kind of content can be created.

eloomi’s extended enterprise solution is a great way for organisations to save money by using one LMS for internal and external audiences training. Many of our clients don’t want to spend a lot of money on the LMS, so they need the ability to use our eloomi LMS for internal purposes, then integrate with other extended enterprise solutions like Salesforce or SAP.

This means that organizations that may be spending higher sums of money on their extended enterprise software can still train employees and partners on their own time in-house and with their own resources. It also means that if an organization decides to bring in a learning management system (LMS) at some point in the future, they may already have an established group of learners through eloomi, which will make it easier to transition users over to the new LMS.

Choose eloomi for the ultimate learning experience

eloomi’s LMS provides a fully integrated solution to help companies in the extended enterprise break down silos, share best practices, and create a culture of continuous improvement—all while maintaining compliance with regulations. It has many core features for any learning management system, including course creation and assignment, reporting tools for performance tracking, and the ability to customize courses with multimedia content.

But what really makes eloomi special is its integrations with other systems used by companies in the extended enterprise, including your CRM, HRIS and payroll systems. This means that eloomi can pull employee data directly from those systems without you having to manually enter it yourself or update it when it changes.

eloomi also includes an API that allows you to extend its functionality to fit the unique needs of your business—something not all LMSs offer, making eloomi the best LMS for your business.

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Infinite training possibilities

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