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Learning Solutions: Why Growing Businesses Choose Digital Training

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Learning solutions are changing the way we work. When organizations start to scale, it’s essential to explore e-learning platforms like eloomi to help support learning and development, covering everything from onboarding to compliance training and skills development. Here’s how it works.

With the rise of learning solutions and hybrid workplaces, the past few years have seen dramatic changes to the way we work, one which has forced businesses not only to adapt to change but to drive innovation in the way they hire, train and retain.

To address these ever-changing needs, e-learning solutions have emerged as a viable and flexible alternative to traditional learning methods. E-learning tools leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience, providing employees with the opportunity to engage with training, while making it simpler for managers and HR to coordinate learning and development at scale.

Through a combination of interactive multimedia, personalized learning paths, and real-time analytics, e-learning platforms enable organizations to deliver targeted, high-impact training programs that are both efficient and cost-effective. 

But how do e-learning solutions work? And why should you consider an e-learning platform for your organization? Let’s take a look.

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How eloomi Supports Learning and Training

When businesses grow, they inevitably reach a tipping point where teams grow too large to manage, train, and motivate without scalable support for managers and HR. And since the demand for effective e-learning tools also continues to grow, businesses now have an extraordinary range of choice when it comes to selecting the right learning & development platform to scale training.

Choosing a reliable and comprehensive e-learning solution is critical to ensure maximum benefit and impact on the workforce, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your organization.

So, what do eloomi do? eloomi supports effective learning and development by offering a unique learning experience that combines training, learning management, and people development. Compared to limiting, traditional e-learning solutions which focus solely on learning, or offer a complex suite of tools you’ll need training in to even get started, eloomi sets itself apart by connecting learning and development into a simple but powerful learning solution that can be tailored to the needs of any business.

By providing distance learning resources and fostering an engaging learning journey and experience, eloomi enables organizations to effectively address the learning and development needs of their employees, managers, and teams alike.

Leveraging the capabilities of eloomi, your organization can empower the workforce to thrive in an ever more competitive and interrelated global landscape, ultimately translating to a more productive, satisfied, and successful team.

What’s Different About eloomi’s Learning Solution?

eloomi offers a unique learning solution that elevates the learning experience for employees, managers, and HR. The platform combines the capabilities of an LMS (Learning Management System) and LXP (Learning Experience Platform), streamlining training for learners, content creators, and administrators. An LMS is designed to manage, track, and deliver educational content, while an LXP enhances the learning experience by providing personalized, engaging, and collaborative learning opportunities.

By harmoniously merging the strengths of both LMS and LXP, eloomi delivers a cost-effective e-learning solution that empowers organizations to provide captivating, impactful, and participative learning experiences.

The platform’s super simple learning approach encompasses a comprehensive suite of tools, features, and an extensive content library, designed to facilitate seamless integration into your organization’s HR processes.

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What Can I Use An E-Learning Solution For?

Effective learning solutions ensure a smooth and tailored learning journey for all individuals, fostering an environment that cultivates continuous development and growth for employees. E-learning solutions are designed to support a structured learning experience and addresses multiple facets crucial to workforce development, ensuring employees acquire the essential skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

Below, we’ve broken down the key areas where an e-learning solution can help your business:

1. Pre-boarding and Onboarding

Investing in a streamlined pre-boarding and onboarding process is critical for ensuring new hires are engaged and productive from the very beginning.

With eloomi, you can offer a tailored onboarding playlist, to introduce new hires to the organization and enable them to ramp-up in record time. Say goodbye to lengthy and confusing emails, time-pressured managers and uninspiring workshops, and welcome an intuitive digital platform that turns pre-boarding and onboarding into a fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

By automating workflows and providing paperless onboarding, eloomi also simplifies the process for managers and new hires alike, allowing them to focus on what matters most: getting to work and making a positive impact.

2. Compliance Training

Compliance training is an indispensable component of any organization’s training program as it ensures that employees comprehend and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements relevant to their roles.

eloomi offers a range of options for effective compliance training that caters to the unique requirements of each organization and company. You can find ready-made training programs created by training content providers that cover critical areas such as data protection, health and safety, and legal compliance.

3. Skills Training

When it comes to workforce development, providing your employees with the right training can make all the difference. With eloomi’s e-learning software, you can create a highly skilled team equipped with the knowledge necessary to take your business to the next level.

Flexibility is one of the key benefits of using this e-learning solution from eloomi, as it allows you to align your employee training programs with the specific skills and areas of expertise that are most important for your business scope and objectives.

Staying ahead of skills gaps is a key concern for HR, but before you can get to work developing your talent pool you need clear insight into the skills your organization has. That’s where eloomi Skills helps with skills mapping capabilities, individual skills profiles to see your employees’ strengths and ambitions, as well as content recommendations to set your talent on the right learning path.

4. Surveys & Engagement with Reports & Insights

eloomi helps you to make informed business decisions by offering comprehensive reporting designed to help you track engagement and monitor progress throughout your organization.

An essential feature of eloomi’s e-learning solution is the ability to conduct surveys and gather feedback efficiently, fostering improved communication between employees and supervisors while determining the key drivers of workforce motivation. eloomi also supplies real-time data on the efficacy of your training courses, empowering you to monitor learner progression and pinpoint areas that require improvement.

Through customizable reports that can be sorted by demographics, roles, skills, or compliance requirements, eloomi facilitates the tracking of objectives at personal, departmental, and organizational levels.

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What Are the Possibilities for Content Creation and Management?

eloomi’s e-learning solution offers a comprehensive and dynamic approach to content creation and management. By providing a digital learning platform, eloomi makes it easy for users to access and engage with super simple learning tools, create, customize, and manage  training content.

1. Find Curated Content 

eloomi delivers an exceptional learning experience by providing an extensive range of distance learning resources through its Content Store. 

Users can access curated content and off-the-shelf training from industry experts, with unlimited courses available to activate learning. 

Empower your workforce and develop their skills with instant access to a growing list of tens of thousands of training modules, curated by top content providers and covering a diverse array of essential business topics. All of these invaluable resources are conveniently located in one comprehensive learning platform.

2. Create Your Own Content 

eloomi’s E-learning solution also provides a seamless course content creation tool with its user-friendly course builder, designed to facilitate super simple learning. The platform’s flexible authoring functionality enables you to develop tailored content that aligns with your specific business objectives, enhancing the learning journey for a more engaging and personalized experience.

Design custom content from the ground up with intuitive content blocks such as quizzes, texts, images, videos, files, podcasts and more, fostering engaging and interactive e-learning materials.

Plus, white label your platform and add your company’s unique identity by incorporating brand colors, logos, and adaptable text to ensure a cohesive and consistent learning experience.

The responsive design enables you to preview your courses on various devices, such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, providing insight into the learner’s perspective.

3. Build On Existing Content

Already have all the e-learning content you could possibly need? With eloomi it is easy to upload existing training materials via SCORM files (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), PDFs, and iFrames. 

This comprehensive approach integrates technology to enhance learning, enabling users to consolidate up-to-date training resources within one intuitive e-learning toolWith the diverse options available within the learning and development platform, users have a multitude of possibilities at their disposal. 

What Are the Advantages of Using an E-Learning Solution?

When considering an e-learning solution, there are clear advantages for companies and organizations seeking to elevate the learning journey for their employees. Key benefits include:

  1. Blended learning: Discover a variety of learning options by combining traditional teaching with e-learning content, and bringing together the best of LMS and LXP. This method creates a well-rounded learning experience that can be adjusted to meet individual needs.
  1. Efficiency: Create engaging training courses with ease and speed on the intuitive and user-friendly platform, which requires no specialized skills for content creation.
  1. Customization: Experience exceptional flexibility and customization options in content creation and management by employing the authoring tool and preloaded content to craft personalized training.
  1. Pre-boarding and onboarding excellence: Provide new hires with a top-notch start to their employment journey through fulfilling and memorable pre-boarding and onboarding experiences, setting the stage for success within the company.
  1. Extensive content library: Gain unlimited access to training content from leading industry providers in the Content Store, which includes carefully-selected playlists and learning pathways to boost your distance learning resources.
  1. Skills development: Identify and map employees’ current skills, desired skills, and areas for growth. Offer focused training to address gaps and strengthen business abilities.
  1. People impact: Cultivate a continuous feedback and coaching culture by discussing goals and directions. Establish objectives, monitor performance, and gather feedback to enrich the learning journey.
  1. Transparency: Improve openness within the company by supporting clear communication between employees and managers through the use of advanced e-learning tools.

eloomi’s e-learning solution harnesses technology to enhance learning experiences, providing a super simple learning platform for users to participate in and navigate their personal learning journeys.

Why Opt for eloomi?

If you’re searching for an e-learning solution that will support your organization as it grows, eloomi’s e-learning solution should be on your radar for several reasons:

  • Proven expertise and credibility: Since 2015, eloomi has built a reputable track record of delivering high-quality learning experiences, demonstrating its expertise in the field. (Want to see how? Explore our customer stories)
  • Seamless functionality: eloomi’s innovative learning platform presents a unique combination of simplicity, scalability, and effectiveness. Its user-friendly interface and visually appealing design make it a breeze for organizations worldwide to enhance their employees’ skills, foster teamwork, and cultivate a thriving work culture.
  • Unparalleled flexibility: Design versatile training programs that can be accessed by employees whenever they need, wherever they are, and on any device – from mobile to desktop. eloomi’s cutting-edge e-learning software guarantees a swift and engaging learning journey for users across multiple platforms.
  • Cost-effective solution: eloomi’s affordable pricing structure accommodates businesses of all sizes – from small enterprises to large multinational corporations. It delivers an optimal balance between the investment made and the exceptional quality and results achieved.

Get Started Today

If you’re exploring e-learning solutions, eloomi sets the benchmark as a leading learning and development solution by offering a unique learning experience that combines LMS and LXP functionalities. One which will allow you to realize new learning opportunities and create engaging, impactful, and participative learning journeys tailored to your employees. 

eloomi’s proven expertise, seamless functionality, unparalleled flexibility, super simple learning approach and cost-effective pricing make it the preferred choice for organizations worldwide. 

Start today by exploring eloomi’s e-learning solution and book a personal product tour to see how your business can excel.

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