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Shopping around for the perfect Performance partner

Retail chain, Harvey Norman, was looking to develop their approach, structure and frequency of performance management across their 15 Ireland stores. After an extensive research process, they arrived on working with eloomi for their Performance Management needs.

We wanted to have a system that was agile enough to deal with the complex company hierarchy and ensure it was customisable enough for the needs of our business.

Sean O'Sullivan, Talent Manager

Checking out new processes throughout the organisation

Selecting eloomi as a system solution allows Harvey Norman flexibility. Managers from different divisions can set specific divisional goals while providing a consistent coaching and feedback approach across the company. eloomi assists them in working smarter, faster, with less paper and greater transparency for employees and managers.

Providing feedback on the core behavioural competencies for employee’s through regular communication is supported by incorporating the eloomi solution within their Performance Management process. Harvey Norman will benefit from streamlining the current appraisal process and design learning within the platform that compliments employees’ development.

We're planning to essentially implement performance management coaching and feedback in the first phase, followed by the learning modules. The development module will be the final part of our phased approach which is well supported by eloomi.

Sean O'Sullivan, Talent Manager


Lack of consistency in day to day performance with large volume pen & paper processes


Streamline Performance Management and design learning that compliments employees’ development


Incorporating learning, development and performance to create the ideal coaching and feedback culture

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