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Stellar customer service and product training in your own learning academy

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Mobilise brand experience & product knowledge

Easy pre- and onboarding and your own training academy plus smart checklists. All there to help your Operations, L&D or HR reduce time, cost and resources in training your new and current frontline staff to deliver superb brand experience and consistent service.


Powerful onboarding and training

The eloomi LMS platform empowers Operations and L&D Managers to deliver timely onboarding and training that ramp up your people faster:

  • A complete learning academy highlighting your brand identity
  • Personalised blended learning experience
  • On-demand skills training in the flow of work
  • Best in class onboarding and development

Ignite on-demand learning

You can easily create your own online programmes and give people access to the newest, best and affordable training:
  • Quick course creation with built-in course builder
  • Bite sized training – videos, articles, presentations
  • Content from top global providers
  • Gamification and training on all devices

Activate your supplier ecosystem

Give category managers and product specialist access to your learning platform to educate your frontline personnel on exactly how to sell their products:
  • Simple step creation of training modules
  • All the expertise of your suppliers inside your academy Training feedback and product questions dircetly from your sales personnel

Develop your 2020 Content Learning Strategy

Learn how eloomi’s content experts define a content learning strategy and hear them unpack the 5 key considerations in developing a strategy to re-skill and up-skill your organisation in 2020.

eloomi is a top rated LMS for Retail DIY & Building Materials

  • Rewards, based on points, have created an enormous interest in the platform, and some of our employees have actually gone through all the modules on the platform.

Laura Drejer Larsen,
Learning Coordinator

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