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How AI is impacting learning and development

AI is unlocking powerful new capabilities in the world of Learning and Development. So how are HR professionals adapting? Our experts shared how new technology could transform the way we work.

Why it matters

Artificial intelligence is already changing the way we work, rapidly increasing productivity and creating havoc along the way. We take a closer look at the opportunities AI presents for learning and development, and the potential implementations coming to eloomi.


of HR professionals believe AI will revolutionize their talent acquisition process

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of CEOs see broad benefits of generative AI across their organization

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of surveyed CEOs say they have reduced or redeployed their workforce due to generative AI

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Learn more about the impact of artificial intelligence

Join our experts as they discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, from content creation to trawling data to help HR and L&D identify training needs. Here are just a few possibilities:

  • Enabling personalized learning paths by analyzing data sets on employee performance and preferences
  • Generating data-driven insights for L&D professionals, identifying trends, gaps, and areas for improvement to inform strategic decisions
  • Harness AI to dynamically create comprehensive quizzes directly from your course content, enabling faster knowledge checks
  • AI can help break language barriers in learning with instant, accurate translation of courses

Watch the full video to learn how these changes could be implemented, and what’s coming next in the eloomi platform.