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Simplify onboarding with checklists for new hires

  • Engage your employees before day one with pre-boarding lists
  • Retain talent by keeping staff engaged through their first month and beyond
  • Motivate teams with scheduled training and 1:1s

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Engage your employees before day one

Empower your new talent and ensure they feel valued, informed, and prepared from pre-boarding through their first month as a new hire with our easy-to-use onboarding checklist templates. As essential tool for HR professionals, checklists help manage this process efficiently, ensuring no step is overlooked, and each new hire feels welcomed and supported.


increased new hire productivity due to a good onboarding process



of workers will be onboarded in virtual environments by 2025



of employees felt overwhelmed during the onboarding process


Here’s what you’ll get when you download your onboarding checklist

Access easy-to-use checklists with tick boxes to simplify the stages if new hire onboarding, with tips for office, hybrid, virtual and frontline teams.

Here’s what your PDF contains:

  • New hire onboarding checklist
  • Pre-boarding checklist
  • First day onboarding checklist
  • First month onboarding checklist

Download the onboarding checklist to get started, and ensure every new hire has a seamless day one introduction.