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How to Scale Up Your Sales Training for SaaS

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Looking to maximize your sales team’s potential in the cloud-based software market? SaaS sales training can be a game-changer for the sales team, enabling your team to excel quickly and close more deals. Discover how to optimize learning with peer interaction, playbook automation, and learning management systems.

Want to skyrocket your revenue in record time SaaS sales training programs are tailored to arm sales teams with the right skills to thrive in the cloud-based software market.

These programs can be a game changer for HR and onboarding, helping new hires ramp up quickly and smoothly. By making complex SaaS concepts digestible, they provide an engaging and efficient start to any tech sales career.

Common Challenges Facing Growing Sales Teams

Scaling sales teams isn’t always smooth sailing. Various challenges can potentially hinder growth, particularly when it comes to SaaS sales training. For instance, pairing new hires with a top performer seems like a good idea, right? But it often backfires. Not only might your star performer’s strategies not suit everyone, but the constant coaching could also distract them from their core role, impacting revenue.

External trainers might seem an attractive solution, but they aren’t always viable. What happens when you bring new people on board after the trainer has left?

Then there’s the two-week boot camp – an intensive mix of HR, IT, and job-specific training. However, without regular practice, the Forgetting Curve kicks in, and sales reps forget most of what they’ve learned within a month.

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Benefits of Sales Training

Engaging in a SaaS sales training program is like getting a backstage pass to success in the cloud software market. Sales training for SaaS empowers your team with necessary skills, boosting their confidence to navigate sales conversations adeptly. It helps reduce ramp-up time for new hires, thus accelerating their journey into SaaS sales.

What’s more, a well-rounded software sales training program fosters a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs, enabling your reps to offer tailored solutions. In essence, investing in sales training isn’t just about nurturing a competent sales team – it’s about driving your company’s growth.

Types of Sales Training

Sales training is not a monolithic concept, especially when it comes to SaaS. It varies in type and scope, each aimed at honing different skills essential for success in the SaaS marketplace. 

Product Training: At its core, your SaaS sales training program should be product-focused, imparting deep knowledge about the software you’re selling. Since software is often complex, it’s essential that your team are able to communicate product features with confidence, demonstrate tools, and communicate pricing so that potential customers can make the best choice.

Skills Training: Then there’s sales skills training, which builds essential soft skills such as negotiation and persuasion. After all, closing deals so often comes down to personal communication and relationship building. Soft skills training has grown in popularity since the introduction of hybrid work, and for sales teams in particular it’s clear that better communication and tact helps close deals and build relationships that pay off later in your pipeline. 

Industry-Specific Training: On top of that, there’s industry-specific training – your fast track into understanding the unique dynamics of the SaaS ecosystem. This might include introducing your techstack to new employees, from onboarding into Teams to brushing up your dev team on Linux coding. 

All these types together form a comprehensive software sales training program, paving the way for anyone wondering how to get into SaaS sales.

How to scale up your sales training for SaaS

So, how can you effectively scale up your SaaS sales training to optimize learning and performance? 

First, it’s crucial to understand that learning is not a one-size-fits-all process. In learning science, the 70:20:10 rule states that 70% of learning comes from doing, 20% from peer interaction, and just 10% from traditional classroom training. Consequently, your software sales training program needs to reflect these diverse learning avenues.

Enhancing Learning in SaaS Sales

To align with the ‘learning by doing’ concept, consider playbook automation in your SaaS sales training. Think of it as the Google Maps for your sales reps – providing turn-by-turn directions to success in the SaaS marketplace. With learning management systems like eloomi you can automate the training process, taking your sales training program online allows you to guide new hires with consistent training and track progress across your team.

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Peer Interaction and Conversation Analytics

Meanwhile, peer interaction is also a powerful learning enhancer in a SaaS sales training program. Implement conversation analytics, akin to weekly flight school sessions, where reps review and learn from real customer conversations. Tools like Chorus, Gong, or Refract offer valuable insights and create an environment where no rep wants to lag behind their colleagues.

Overcoming Learning Obstacles with Repetition

Remember, the Forgetting Curve shows that only 21% of what you learned is retained after 31 days. So how can your sales training for SaaS combat this? The answer is repetition. By implementing a digital learning approach that provides constant, practical reinforcement of SaaS sales techniques, you can ensure that your team members are not just getting into SaaS sales – they’re mastering it. 

Ready to learn how? Let’s deep dive into Learning Management Systems (LMS) in the next segment of this SaaS sales training program guide.

eloomi: A Comprehensive SaaS Learning Solution

Moving forward with scaling up your SaaS sales training, let’s dive into the world of Learning Management Systems (LMS). These platforms deliver knowledge in bite-sized, asynchronous pieces, perfect for new hires eager to start anytime, anywhere. 

But what really makes an LMS stand out in software sales training programs is its ability to add certification quizzes, assignments, and built-in reporting. It’s like having your own personal training coach who ensures every module is completed and every test passed.

With its easy-to-navigate interface and rich features, eloomi is a go-to for SaaS organizations looking to give their sales team a robust SaaS sales training experience. As an online learning platform, it provides on-demand training that can kick-start your new hires’ journey into SaaS sales from day one.

eloomi’s innovative learning tools help you to structure learning modules effectively, including quizzes and assignments to reinforce the training material. Plus, its built-in reporting feature enables you to monitor the progress of each sales rep, ensuring that no one is left behind.

By embracing modern learning approaches, utilizing innovative technology, and selecting an effective LMS like eloomi, you can supercharge your sales team’s skills, productivity, and overall performance.

Ready to take your SaaS sales training program to the next level? 

Get started with eloomi and see the transformation for yourself. Kick off with eloomi’s free demo today and watch as the world of SaaS sales opens up before you.

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