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How to Onboard New Employees like a Pro

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Onboarding new employees is one of the most important parts of the hiring process and yet it is often overlooked. Proper onboarding keeps a new employee engaged and most importantly happy. Don’t worry, we have some suggestions that can help you onboard new employees like a pro! 

Proper onboarding keeps a new employee engaged and most importantly happy. Officevibe reported that 22% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days of employment. Does this have something to do with a company’s onboarding process? Don’t worry, we have some suggestions that can help you onboard new employees like a pro!

Start before day 1

One of the things we do here at eloomi is a week before a new employee starts we begin the onboarding process. A few information modules are set up to get you familiarized with the company and to get you acquainted with the office “lingo”. Each department then has their own module to give their new team member an insight to their new department. In Marketing, we have a page in our module that shows you who everyone on the team is and a little background on them. This way on your first day, you know who some people are. This is great because let’s face it, the first day makes you nervous enough without knowing who your team is.

Warm welcoming

If your company is on the smaller side start your new hire’s first day with an office breakfast. It gives you a chance to break the ice in a normal setting. It gives them a chance to get to know some of the other employees and gives your employees a chance to know the new hire. Too large of a company for an entire office breakfast, try just doing it as a department. It lets your new employee know they were thought of beforehand and that you are just as excited for them to start as they are.

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Buddy system

As a manager, you are the person who most likely made the hire and conducted the interview process. Your new employee feels more familiar with you, yet you have a whole pile of work to get done. What should you do? Give your new hire a buddy who works in a similar part of the company! They become someone who they feel safe to ask the “stupid questions” to and can help ensure that they are completing their work up to company standards. By providing a “buddy” or mentor, your new employee has someone who can successfully guide them through the first few weeks of the onboarding process.

Don’t rush the process

90 days. A trial period lasts that long for a reason, it’s how long it takes for a new employee to start adding value to your company. According to the book, The First 90 Days, those days are what secures your investment in a new hire. With that in mind, this is truly how long onboarding should last. Check in with the new employee throughout the 90 days to ensure they are comfortable and understanding their role. Continue trainings and developmental learning so they have all the tools they need to succeed. Take the time to show them you care about their growth and that you value the addition they bring.

Go digital

An LMS platform, like eloomi, has many benefits for onboarding new employees. Freedom is given to managers, HR & employees to onboard whenever and wherever they feel like. With eloomi, you have the opportunity to create unique and engaging content with our built-in or custom templates. Online onboarding also cuts costs. With the possibility of taking onboarding online, you don’t have to have HR, managers & employees leave their daily tasks for periods of time. In this day and age where most of our lives are digital and the new work force of millennials are used to living a technology-based life, the old version of onboarding just doesn’t make sense anymore. 

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