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Did you know that companies that perform pre-onboarding go on to retain 81% of new hires during their first year of employment? It just goes to show the difference a great first start can make.

This statistic shines a spotlight on the crucial importance of a well-crafted onboarding program. But how can you ensure that every new member of your team gets off to a flying start? The answer is with a comprehensive employee onboarding checklist.

But creating an effective onboarding employees checklist means much more than just ticking off administrative tasks. It is about establishing a solid foundation for a fruitful and long-lasting working relationship, embedding company culture, values, and expectations right from the start. 

When you strategically craft an employment onboarding checklist, you not only integrate new hires into the team seamlessly but also boost their productivity, satisfaction, and retention rate.

At eloomi, we are passionate about helping you create an engaging, streamlined onboarding experience. We believe that the journey of every new team member should begin with excitement, clear direction, and a sense of belonging. 

So, are you ready to discover how to build a powerful onboarding employee checklist that will set your new hires up for success? Let’s get started.

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1. Guided Tour of the Office

Begin the journey with a comprehensive office tour. It’s an excellent way to help new team members familiarize themselves with their surroundings and feel more at ease. Remember, the objective of an onboarding new employees checklist is not just about formalities, but also about making them feel comfortable and welcome.

Onboarding remote workers? Substitute with an online introduction to the organization, including departments, teams, and key people your new hire can reach out to over the coming days!

2. Workspace Personalization and Setup

Next, assist your new employee in setting up their workspace. Whether it’s arranging physical desks or setting up virtual workspaces, it’s crucial to equip them with the right tools and resources to perform their tasks efficiently.

3. Completion of HR Paperwork

Ensure that new hires complete all HR documents promptly. This administrative part of the onboarding checklist for new employees helps set the employment relationship on a solid legal and formal footing.

If you have a digital onboarding process, you can even include these documents as part of your pre-boarding and ensure completion ahead of day one.

4. Introduction to Leaders and Executives

Arrange for new hires to meet their managers and company executives. This interaction can provide them with strategic insights about their role and the company’s direction, thereby enhancing their sense of belonging and purpose.

5. Assign Essential Training

Don’t forget to assign relevant training materials as part of the onboarding of an onboarding new employee checklist. These can equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

Looking for inspiration? Find pre-built onboarding training here, from compliance essentials to sales and product training.

6. Clear Communication of Role Expectations

Having a clear conversation about expectations is vital. Clearly outline what is expected of them in terms of responsibilities, performance, and conduct. This helps in aligning your new hire’s efforts with the company’s objectives from the get-go.

7. Introduction to the Company Culture

Make sure to discuss the company culture. Understanding the organization’s values, ethos, and working style will help new employees to adapt more swiftly and contribute positively. Include this as one of the key items in your employment onboarding checklist.

8. Mentorship and Buddy System Assignment

Finally, it’s a great idea to assign a mentor or buddy as part of your onboarding process. This person can offer invaluable guidance, answer any queries, and provide moral support, significantly enhancing the experience for your new hires. 

With such a comprehensive approach, you’re setting the stage for a smooth, quick, and efficient integration of every new team member into your workspace. 

Onboarding Template for New Employees

Now, imagine if all these steps were condensed into an easy-to-follow, efficient roadmap, guiding you effortlessly through these steps and even more.   This is where eloomi’s employee onboarding template comes in. Let our template act as your onboarding sidekick, simply follow each step to foster a positive experience for your new hires, and pave a smooth pathway for their success. Here’s a step by step guide to get your new hires running smoothly from the start:

Pre-boarding Checklist

Let’s set your new hires up for success from the outset. Pre-boarding as a first step of a proper employee onboarding checklist means making your new hire feel valued from day one. 

  1. Shoot over a friendly welcome email to your new hire. It’s a simple gesture that can set a positive tone for their start.
  2. Give your new hire a sense of belonging by inviting them for an office tour. It’s a great way to help them get acquainted with the workspace and meet some friendly faces.
  3. It’s essential to announce the new hire internally within your company. This helps the team prepare and extend a warm welcome from the get-go.
  4. Incorporate scheduling a team introduction. Within the employee onboarding checklist, it’s a pivotal move to ensure your new hire feels connected and familiar with their colleagues
  5. Don’t forget to add your new hire to the HR system as part of the pre-boarding. It’s a quick move that makes everything smoother from the start.
  6. As part of your pre-boarding checklist, ensure you’ve ordered essential equipment like laptops and keycards for your new hire. This not only streamlines their onboarding but also makes them feel equipped and ready from day one.
  7. Assigning a buddy is a great way to help newcomers settle in. This personal touch can foster connections and make the transition smoother for your new hire.

Incorporate pre-boarding training into your employee onboarding checklist to ensure new hires are equipped with foundational knowledge before day one. A proactive approach will always boost confidence and smooth the transition into the team.

First Day Onboarding Checklist

Map out a game plan for the first day, detailing all the activities and touchpoints to give your new hire a solid start.

  1. Meet and greet your new hire: A personal connection from the outset establishes trust and makes them feel welcomed. 
  2. Give them a tour of the workspace: Familiarity with their environment eases anxiety and boosts productivity.
  3. Introduce the team: Building relationships early on fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie.
  4. Make sure they’re set up with IT: Seamless tech setup reduces frustration and ensures they can hit the ground running. 
  5. Assign onboarding training: Providing structured learning paths accelerates their understanding and integration into the role.

First Month Onboarding Checklist

Nail the whole first month with a tight onboarding employee checklist; it’s the foundation for your new hire’s journey ahead.

  1. Check in on training progress: This ensures that the new hire is on track, enhancing their understanding and making them feel supported.
  2. Schedule time for feedback: This establishes an open line of communication, valuing their input and reinforcing the importance of continual improvement.
  3. Explore short and long term goals: By doing so, you align their aspirations with the company’s vision, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.
  4. Set up a 1-1 for the manager: This meeting is a key part of the employee onboarding checklist. It builds rapport and trust, making the new employee feel valued and understood right from the start.
  5. Discuss future development plans: This emphasizes the company’s commitment to their growth, ensuring they see a clear path forward within the organization.

Automate New Hire Onboarding with Playlists

Remember, before the first day starts, you can leverage our digital training platform to offer an insightful pre-boarding experience. New hires can easily familiarize themselves with your company’s vision, tools, teams, and essential IT training. Engaging videos and quizzes are incorporated to make the learning process both interactive and memorable.

And when it comes to an onboarding checklist for new employees, we believe in personalizing the experience. Training is tailored to support talent development right from the start. Automating enrolment guarantees that every new hire receives a consistent introduction. 

Plus, you can track your progress every step of the way. eloomi offers visibility into job role skills and matches training needs flawlessly. Designed with simplicity, it feels intuitive for everyone involved.

Interested? Here’s how onboarding works with eloomi.

Onboarding Made Easy with eloomi

When meticulously planned and executed, a checklist for new employees can be transformative for your organization.

As HR professionals and hiring managers, you’re tasked with ensuring that each new hire’s transition into your organization is seamless. And deepening your knowledge about common onboarding missteps and effective remedies can greatly support your goal for a smooth integration process.

If you’re looking from long-term solutions to scale your onboarding efforts, get in touch for a free demo today and explore how a learning solution can help you hit growth goals while supporting each new hire along the way.

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