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No More Messages Missing in Action

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Have you ever had the experience of a colleague asking you, “Did you get my message?” and your immediate panicked thought being, “No? I wonder which platform they sent it on?”

I know I have, but since starting at eloomi this panic has virtually disappeared. We use Microsoft Teams in our offices with specific focus on our team channels. These are filled with not only relevant information but fun emojis, memes and even the occasional baby Yoda.

As someone who uses Teams daily, it comes as no surprise that in July 2019, Microsoft Teams had accumulated 13 million Daily Active Users (DAU) since launching. What was surprising to learn was that 91 of the Fortune 100 companies were included in the DAU.  Microsoft Teams is increasingly becoming the central hub of the entire Microsoft Office 365 experience.

The way forward is clear

With many businesses working with Microsoft Office 365, and their entire suite of applications including Microsoft Teams, it is hard to not notice the positive impact it is having on these businesses. However, the challenge is that not all employees are familiar with these newer applications, like OneNote and SharePoint, and struggle to see the true benefits to incorporating them into their daily work lives.

A great way to help your team experience the benefits of the Microsoft Office 365 applications is with eLearning modules like the ones we offer from our content partners in over 33 languages. One such provider from Denmark, GoLearn, provides high-quality eLearning about Microsoft Office 365 that includes videos, certificates, workbooks and much more på dansk (in Danish). 

Since using these eLearning modules, my gained knowledge of Microsoft Teams has helped me no longer miss any messages from my colleagues. Since the eLearning modules are assigned in a matter of minutes to the entire organisation, I also know that no one is missing seeing my messages either! Another benefit since switching to Microsoft Teams? We experience fewer emails, quicker response time and higher engagement. Who wouldn’t love results like that? 

Interested in also educating your workforce about the powerful capabilities Microsoft Office can have for your business? Book a time to speak with one of our content specialists today!

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with eloomi you can access over 40,000+ eLearning modules

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