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Introducing eloomi Authoring

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Creating learning content has never been easier thanks to eloomi’s latest product innovation, eloomi Authoring! This new tool allows you to create unique e-learning & training content in the intuitive builder and export SCORM files into your eloomi LMS.

Why we love eloomi Authoring & know you will too!

The easy to use & responsive design allows authors to create e-learning content in minutes and export it to your eloomi learning platform. You have the power to enable your subject matter experts to become content authors no matter if they are in an L&D role or a different department entirely! Authors can add videos, images, files and more to each course! You can also include self-reflection & quizzes along the way to ensure their learners are on track and constantly developing.

Each authoring library presents ready to use best-practice templates – unless you want to build one. Authors can fully customise each course to reflect your company branding and various needs. The best part? You can preview how your module will look in desktop, mobile and tablet views before exporting the course to a SCORM file so you can see exactly what your learners will receive!

Another amazing feature within eloomi’s Authoring tool is that it acts as a content repository. This means it keeps all your files, images, documents and media in the same place so you can reduce time and repetition when creating your courses.

How does eloomi Authoring work?

Creating learning has always been simple, fast and effective with eloomi, and the eloomi Authoring tool takes this to new heights!

You simply start by adding a title, descriptions, and then either one or multiple pages. Then add a lesson that can contain:

  • Blocks of text
  • Images
  • Media (video, audio, files as attachment)
  • Dividers for pages
  • Interactive sorting cards
  • Knowledge checks
  • Quotes
  • Lists
  • And even self-reflection questions

You have complete control over the best layout for each course to make the learning engaging.

You can also support users with hints or feedback during the module to provide them with a unique and interactive learning experience.

Then you export the SCORM file and upload it into your eloomi learning platform; it is really THAT easy!

eloomi authoring tool
eloomi authoring tool

How do you get started with eloomi Authoring?

Existing eloomi customers can contact their Customer Success Manager and find out how eloomi Authoring will work best for their company and discover more benefits of eloomi Authoring.

New to eloomi? Not a problem! Book a time with one of our Product Specialists to learn how to effortlessly create intuitive content with eloomi Authoring.

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