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Accessing learning content is now easier with eloomi

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eloomi understands that the value of an LMS is driven by how it engages your employees, facilitates development opportunities and provides the right content at the right time.

Over the course of the last couple of months, eloomi set off on a journey to reimagine how we offer content to our customers.

We started by curating content bundles with the help of industry experts, making it easier and simpler to select and distribute training in your organisation. Each of these bundles have been curated towards specific topics, and you can be explore our content webpage

Computer, Electronics, Tablet Computer


We then hosted a webinar called ‘Develop your 2020 Content Learning Strategy’. In this 45 minute webinar we defined what a content learning strategy is and also provided our 5 key considerations for when you’re developing your strategy. We defined a content learning strategy as a tool to support behaviour change leading to increased performance. It should have the right content, at the right time for employees. Our top 5 key considerations to developing your strategy include:

Connection to the Business objectives

Knowing your audience and competencies

Selecting the right Content

Understanding how employee will Access the content

Defining how will you Measure success

Click below to access the recording of the webinar.

Access to World-class eLearning

Thirdly, we have strengthened and deepened our relationship with the world’s leading content providers and most recently partnered with GoLearn based in Denmark. You can now access over 40,000+ world-class eLearning modules via eloomi. Along with GoLearn, eloomi’s current content partners include: Skillsoft, AwareGo, microLEARN, GRAPE, Vado, and OpenSesame.

Got specific training needs?

Fourth and finally, we have been providing 30 minute content conversations with our team of content experts. Those who have taken advantage of these sessions have experienced:

  • An overview of Core Business Skills, Compliance and Leadership eLearning or other relevant content bundles from eloomi.
  • Gained information on the ‘best practices’ for implementing eLearning content into your organisation.
  • Engaged in discussions around L&D strategies and how eloomi can support and drive engagement.
  • Inspiration from content experts who have successfully rolled out learning programs to over 1.5 million users at some of the worlds most recognisable brands.

Start a conversation with our content experts to see how we can save you time and resources, and we will provide insight on closing skills gaps in your organisation.

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