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Elevate Your Learning Through Collaboration

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Co-creation might be thought of as a buzzword, but when it comes to learning in organisations, it’s pretty relevant. Regarding training and learning, an L&D professional can’t always be a jack of all trades, but often they need to be when upskilling and reskilling employees. However, when you have an organisation full of talented and…

Businesses around the world are facing unprecedented times, with an uncertain future and the need to ‘reset’. This means a total rethink on budget, resources, headcount, and maybe even projects. But just because you may need to do more with less, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still provide powerful and engaging learning pathways for your colleagues. And the best part is, it is actually really easy!

Share knowledge from true experts

Leverage the collective experience of your company’s brain by turning on creator mode in eloomi’s platform. This will allow the true experts in your teams to join you in co-creating learning modules that are built from their own experience and share their learnings, expertise and insights. Not only will employees be able to continue to upskill and reskill, but they will be able to do so with content that is specifically tailored to your businesses unique context. Plus, with eloomi’s intuitive module builder, you can be sure to see real learning results from solidified knowledge because of engaging, interactive features such as quizzes, videos, surveys, and a chat and rating function.

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Create meaningful learning

By activating creator mode in eloomi, your colleagues can create relevant learning modules and entire programs that will create meaningful learning pathways. For example, a Communications Specialist, Communications Manager, Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer could each create a module that trains colleagues in their specific skillset, and then a full Marketing program could be created. This would be useful for any new hires joining the team, for colleagues in other departments who would like to know more about how Marketing can help, or maybe they even want to make a vertical transition into the Marketing team. 

Unleash your colleagues full potential

This is just one of the ways that eloomi can ensure your business is able to continue learning, even when times are tough. Unleash the full potential of your experienced colleagues with creator mode. 

To learn more about this feature, or the many other ways the eloomi platform can facilitate your organisation’s learning and performance journey, contact us here for more information, schedule a demo here, or reach out to your eloomi customer service specialist.

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