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Employee training has never been easier

Combine the power of an LMS and LXP into a single, cost-effective learning solution to deliver engaging & impactful employee training.

Great learning starts with great content

Create courses from scratch

Create unique content from scratch with our intuitive course builder. Empower people to create training tailored to your vision.

Use existing training

Upload existing content via SCORM files, PDFs, and iFrames to build up-to-date training, all in one intuitive solution.

Access curated content

Access off-the-shelf training from industry experts in the Content Store, with unlimited courses to activate learning.

Blended & instructor-led learning

  • Tap into hybrid learning with an easy way to schedule events online or on-site
  • Empower experts to lead training, from recurring classes to one-off workshops
  • Easily enroll participants, automate invites and attendance reports

Build targeted learning paths

  • Create structured training with pre-built courses and learning playlists
  • Engage employees and boost knowledge retention with interactive content like videos, podcasts, Iframes & more
  • Test employees with custom quizzes, track results and unlock insights

Engage your employees from day one

  • Ramp up new hires faster and boost your time-to-productivity
  • Save time with custom onboarding playlists and easy course enrollment
  • Nurture talent right from the start to build stronger, more efficient teams

Save time with seamless user management

  • Manage training easily: import users, set groups & even automate with learning playlists
  • Eliminate paper processes and ensure consistent training across your organization
  • Track progress and ensure course completion with real-time segment reporting

Content for any industry, any role, any skill

  • Tap into learning pathways with targeted skills training
  • Start in seconds with access to unlimited courses from top providers
  • Adapt training as needed to keep pace with industry change
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From LMS to LXP

  • Attract, develop and retain talent with an engaging & relevant learning experience
  • Save time with intelligently automated learning paths and progress reports
  • Stay ahead of change with the flexibility to adapt training on the go

Effortlessly connect HRM software

Connect all of your HRIS tools at the click of a button & create a seamless user experience with eloomi SSO & integrations.

Tap into development on any device

Employees can access all their learning and performance feedback conversations from anywhere with the lightning-fast mobile app.


What is eloomi?

eloomi is a learning and development platform that makes it easy for companies worldwide to train and develop their people. eloomi combines user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) tools with innovative Learning Experience Platform (LXP) capabilities to help you make learning and development a success.

What are the features of eloomi?

eloomi offers a range of learning and development solutions, including employee training, onboarding, compliance training, content authoring, performance management, skills development, blended learning, reporting and insights.

How does eloomi help with onboarding?

eloomi offers a best-in-class onboarding experience with automatic new hire enrollment, onboarding playlists, blended learning, and reporting features.

What is eloomi's pricing model?

eloomi offers affordable pricing options and customizable solutions to cater to various business needs.

Is eloomi mobile friendly?

Yes, eloomi is responsive on mobile devices. There is also a mobile app for your learners to access learning from their mobile phones whenever and wherever they want to. You can download the app in the App Store and in Google Play. Simply search for eloomi.

What languages does the eloomi platform support?

The eloomi app is available in the following languages: English, Danish, French, German, Chinese, Icelandic, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Do you have more questions?

You can always book time to learn more about eloomi’s best-in-class LMS/LXP solution. You can also access our Help center to search for specific questions.