Streamline your employee onboarding process with eloomi to get new employees on track and ready to work in a flash.

No more long emails or old-fashioned documents. No more mandatory live workshops, where new hires end up forgetting what they learned within 5 minutes. Micro-sized training for a self-service onboarding functionality to leave an even better first impression with your new hires, like a modern day employee handbook.

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Impactful new hire pre- and onboarding process

Extend your employee lifecycle by impressing new hires through a seamless pre- and onboarding experience with:
  • Intuitive onboarding features that they can dive into at their own pace across both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Culturally immersive experience supported by a customizable onboarding platform—from design to content.
  • Memorable and fun onboarding experience to raise employee engagement through interactive modules.
  • Digestible micro-sized lessons to prevent new hires from feeling overwhelmed.
  • Track real-time progress, so you can have productive follow-up conversations when necessary. Save more time with guided templates for important conversations.
  • More than an HR onboarding system – a suite of tools to help HR professionals thrive including a talent management system, performance management software, and learning management system.

Acquaint new employees with the best onboarding software

The hiring process can be complicated. Digital solutions are extremely helpful for HR teams to save time and speed up the employee journey. User-friendly and paperless onboarding makes it more engaging and less complex. eloomi’s onboarding tools are the solution you need.

Make new team members feel at home with values they resonate with from day one. You can introduce new team members to the company culture by creating a customized onboarding program for a culturally immersive experience.

Or use a pre-built program from our library to immediately deliver a high-quality onboarding experience.

Simplified onboarding for businesses in all industries

Beyond an onboarding solution, eloomi is an all-in-one platform your human resources team is waiting for. Smooth out your unique HR processes with a flexible all-in-one platform for people development.

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Robert Djeerf
Robert Djeerf
Global Consultant Manager & Head of Monitor Academy

Beyond an onboarding solution, eloomi is an all-in-one platform your human resources team is waiting for. Smooth out your unique HR processes with a flexible all-in-one platform for people development.

  • Faster onboarding and better quality! We have decreased the education time with about 5 days per employee whilst also securing the quality level of what they learn during their onboarding process
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All-in-one learning and compliance paths

Get new hires up to speed and ready to work in a flash. Automate workflow and learning paths based on job roles to check off onboarding tasks quickly without sacrificing employee experience and knowledge retention.

Need to manually assign courses? Set up and assign new courses for your employees in less than 2 minutes.

Affordable pricing for all businesses

A great HR software for businesses regardless of size or industry, including small businesses and multinational enterprises.


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You – and new employees – deserve to enjoy an effective onboarding process. Reduce overwhelm and get new employees ready to work faster than ever with these 10 practical tips. Grab your onboarding ebook today.

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Experience eloomi

Setting up a memorable onboarding experience that gets your new hires up to speed is easy with eloomi.

Automated workflow = painless onboarding experience from the first day, for new hires and managers alike.

Curate your own onboarding program, pick one from our library for quick access, or create one from scratch. The choice is yours.

Onboarding that accommodates your unique culture—not otherwise.