German electric vehicle manufacturer ElectricBrands develops innovative and versatile modular light vehicles for tomorrow’s sustainable mobility needs. The vehicles can be used for transportation in the commercial sector and the private sector alike. Through new technology and a LEGO-inspired configuration principle, their mobility invention, the XBUS, lets consumers combine modules to design the variant that meets their needs for usability, design, and fun. ElectricBrands uses eloomi’s extended enterprise LMS to easily train partners to make their product launch successful.

Itzehoe based ElectricBrands is a visionary and passionate team on the verge to make a breakthrough that will help making our world greener. Their market introduction includes approximately 1,000 retail partners across Europe. The XBUS is a brand-new so-called battery electric vehicle (BEV) for which ElectricBrands needed an effective way to educate their partner network of car dealers.

ElectricBrands chose eloomi as their learning platform to provide product and sales training to their partners through a cost-effective tool with which they can scale fast and effectively.

eloomi has comprehensive features and a simplicity that match our company’s dna and support the way we work. The solution is cost-effective, scalable, very easy to use, and provides effective training for our retail partners.

Felix Demandt, Director Sales Operations, ElectricBrands

Charging up learners with partner training

Onboarding new retail partners requires the transfer of a lot of technical and commercial knowledge to the individual partner and their personnel. As an example, the retailer employee needs to learn how the XBUS is built, how the battery is working, and ways the vehicle can be configured and used by the consumer. In addition, the salesperson needs to understand the different financing models. Only effective partner training that supports the learner to retain, recall, and repeat what they have learned, and the ability to revisit the learning, creates the necessary basis for the individual to sell the new product.

ElectricBrands can easily create e-learning modules about the XBUS using a variety of learning media like presentations, images, and videos with the built-in Content Builder in eloomi. The e-learning modules and programs can then easily be distributed to the partners’ users. The individual user gets an email notification/text message with a link to the online training. In the eloomi platform ElectricBrands can also follow progress and completion of the e-learning modules.

Being a new brand that is launching a new product in a new market it is extremely important for ElectricBrands that the retailers meet a clear and consistent visual branding in their training experience. In eloomi it’s easy for ElectricBrand’s solution admin to apply their company logo, colors, and tone of voice in the platform settings.

We had no prior experience with Learning Management Systems but eloomi is an easy platform for creating engaging training content and distributing e-learning courses to individual learners at our retail partners. We can easily monitor progress and completion of the training which creates transparency and makes following-up effortless.

Felix Demandt, Director Sales Operations, ElectricBrands

Plugging and hitting the road to easier learning management

The important e-learning courses or training programs include a short quiz that tests the salesperson’s new skills. The individual user receives a customized XBUS certificate in eloomi when they have successfully completed the e-learning training.

Implementing eloomi is not a big IT project and the online onboarding and in-platform knowledge base and support chat that are included in all eloomi subscriptions, cover much of what is needed to launch the training platform. However, with many tasks on their plate ElectricBrands has chosen the Premium Service Plan that in addition provides an implementation plan and online support which have helped speed up the implementation and secured a safe launch for ElectricBrands.

Performing partner training through e-learning has a minimum CO2 footprint which is a perfect match with ElectricBrand’s vision for no-emission mobility. In the future, the company will also be training their internal employees in the company’s leasing models and possibly other skills that require effective learning.


Needed an effective way to educate their growing international network of more than 700 retailers.


Up-to-date extended enterprise LMS with capability to easily create and distribute sales information and product & sales e-learning for effective partner training.


Successfully launched learning about the new XBUS electric vehicle to all retail partners.

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