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More cost-effective employee onboarding!

Certain sectors such as retail, call-centers, restaurants etc. are often characterized with a very high turnover of their workforce
In some industries the average employment period is less than a year! In these cases, it´s especially important that the employee onboarding process is quick, cost-effective and uniform. In eloomi we have a great deal of experience helping customers achieve just that!

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The Meaning of Onboarding of New Employees

When it comes to onboarding employees, our customers express how valuable it has been to them to be able to create their own content quickly and easily, and to re-use this e-learning content with every new employee. New employees express that they find the gamification element of onboarding with eloomi fun and motivating, and tend to feel like part of the company culture and community from day one. To mid-level managers it is important to avoid dissimilar employee onboarding between managers, department and even countries – with eloomi every new employee is presented with the identical e-learning content. Furthermore the possibility of employee onboarding via different devices such as mobile phones and tablets can be a tremendous time saver for both managers and new employees. Top-level management tend to be excited about how cost-effective it is to handle effective employee onboarding via eloomi, and state that being able to gain insight into skills and performance throughout all levels of the organization, insures alignment between strategy and execution.

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