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Shaping the Future of Employee Development with an Exceptional LMS

By adopting an accessible and intuitive LMS, organizations can save a significant amount of time and reduce costs. But most importantly, they can start to unlock their employees’ potential. This guide will help you identify the best solution to motivate your workforce in developing new skills while reinforcing core competencies. … Read More

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Hybrid Work Takeaways from a Scale-up CEO

The menacing pandemic and transition into hybrid work have generated a new work reality for our employees, but also the opportunity to grow the business even faster. In this post I want to share key learnings from our journey that can come handy for any leadership team going through post-covid change. … Read More

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Why Employee Compliance Training Promotes a Healthy Workplace

Customers, the board, and not least employees expect organizations to train their people in ethics, code of conduct, and wellbeing topics. Compliance teams can use employee compliance training to foster a healthy and safe work environment and a sustainable future for the organization. … Read More

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How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in The Workplace

A company that embraces and promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace grows at a different speed. But to create a diverse working environment, it’s important to consider that diversity needs to be accompanied by an inclusive approach to getting the best out of it. Using a structured onboarding process and a transparent performance management system can help you decide how to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and simplify the process of making it happen. … Read More

6 Rules for Increasing Employee Engagement

We have worked with more than 1,000 organizations and sure have seen the complexity up-close on how to increase employee engagement and productivity. That’s why eloomi was born, to simplify! … Read More