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Serving up seasonal onboarding

Swedish restaurant chain, Boulebar, onboards seasonal employees every summer for their 8 locations. They were looking for a way to streamline and digitise the process since they were lacking the time to onboard manually. This search brought them to the eloomi LMS platform. 

Learning to-go

The eloomi platform not only solves their core challenge of onboarding but also makes the training fun and engaging with the gamification built in. Points, leaderboards, certificates and trophies make Boulebar’s onboarding something that workers enjoy rather than feel obligated to complete. An additional advantage is that Boulebar also can use eloomi as an internal communication tool. Our Newsfeed functionality in the main dashboard helps share news about different things going on, like staff events, and helps give tips to build upon in the internal knowledge base. Since switching to the eloomi LMS, Boulebar now has a tool that allows for fast and easy onboarding across all their locations and that is accessible on any device making it perfect for their seasonal workers to access.


Difficult and time-consuming onboarding process for seasonal staff across multiple locations


Streamlined, fast and fun onboarding, as well as easy internal communications


100+ seasonal staff successfully onboarded each summer using their preferred device

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