Understand How Purpose Can Help Align and Energise Your L&D Culture

Join us for the second webinar in a series of four on the topic of purpose, where the focus will be on building purpose into your L&D agenda.

In discussion with the participants and James Bolle, Captain at PRPSFL will expand on the first webinar to explore the power of purpose when developing and designing your learning and development culture, especially in this time of transition, change and transformation.

In this webinar we will:

  • identify the role of purpose in learning and development
  • explore how purpose can help navigate the new normal
  • learn how purpose can help you keep the pulse of your organisation

Followed by a Q&A session where your questions are more than welcome!

The webinar will be in English. If you can’t join us live, you should still register. We’ll send the recording to all registrants.

James Bolle

James Bolle

Captain at PRPSFL

Andrew Mina (Host)

Andrew Mina (Host)

Marketing Specialist at eloomi