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Explore the new eloomi employee communication platform for increased information accessibility, effective collaboration and seamless knowledge sharing. Drive growth and boost engagement by using a dynamic and intuitive solution that connects your entire workforce and strengthens your culture.

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Employee Communication

Bring your company together

in all new ways


Experience a dynamic stream of updates, insights, and stories. Engage with the latest company news, success stories, and learning resources, all in one vibrant feed.


Your Direct Line, connect instantly with peers and mentors. Send messages, create group chats, and collaborate effortlessly, ensuring no conversation or opportunity is missed.


Your Community Space to share experiences, exchange ideas, and foster connections that inspire growth and innovation. Just join the conversations in a collaborative community.

Connecting your workforce

  • Ignite a step change to address disengagement and eliminate information silos.
  • Empower voice of employees and leadership to keep colleagues in the know engaged.
  • Inclusive comms is the new standard to drive engagement, foster culture and innovation with real-time feedback.

Build cultural engagement

  • Amplify and drive company culture and events.
  • Drive employee experiences with with streamlined HR announcements from policy updates to employee recognition.
  • Get instant feedback on pulse surveys, to swiftly gauge employee sentiment and respond to emerging issues or needs.

Social & collaborative learning

  • Dynamic Promotion from L&D teams to amplify course and events visibility to boost learner engagement.
  • Knowledge Exchange that fosters a thriving community for peer-to-peer learning and shared expertise.
  • Expert Activation of subject matter experts into skill-building and educational journeys.
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Thriving community spaces

  • Connect and collaborate across hub spaces for idea exchange, building relationships, and sparking creativity within department or community.
  • Share knowledge and insights, contributing to the learning and development of peers.
  • Well-being and Inclusivity: safe, welcoming spaces promoting health, inclusivity, and catering to diverse community needs.

Reach frontline teams

  • Instantly share critical information company-wide.
  • Drive higher engagement through simple communications.
  • Highlight individual and team achievements through public shout-outs and kudos.
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Productive & impactful

  • Consolidate your tool stack by bringing communication, learning and people development together in one app.
  • Intuitive and user- friendly interface, making adoption quick and easy.
  • Significantly enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and agility of teams.

Work-life just got simplified with eloomi

The best designed LMS/LXP simplifying learning and development. Access curated content to deliver targeted skill-building and schedule check-in conversations to review goals. All delivered in one seamless interface.

Simple, effortless and easy integration

Connect with the most popular HRIS tools at the click of a button & create a seamless user experience with eloomi SSO & integrations accessible directly inside your learning platform.