About eloomi

Our mission is to increase people engagement
& corporate business results

ONE eloomi

We make a cool product

We are a true SaaS company with a powerful focus on igniting employee engagement and changing people outcomes.


Our vision is to create simple, but powerful, business solutions that help companies worldwide respond to a changing workforce reality, rethink core HR topics, and champion organisational growth.

At eloomi we’re proud to work in a diverse workplace, built on different skill sets and backgrounds to make us stronger together.

Climate conscious

We strive to fulfil our green business goals, from our CSR initiatives to the UN’s SDGs: Gender Equality, Responsible Consumption and Production & Climate Action.

We are more than
just a provider

eloomi means having the freedom to support colleagues every day & help them develop in their role.

It’s a cool space to be in.

Andrew Mina, People & Customer Experience Manager – part of eloomi since 2018


Built to engage – low effort and high impact. Anchored in simplicity and continuous innovation.


About eloomi

eloomi is an award winning LMS operating out of Copenhagen, London & Orlando since 2015.