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Want to allow users to add their training and share knowledge? Looking to give the finance department direct access to invoices and billing in eloomi Infinite? You will now be able to grant users access to specific functionalities of the platform, such as reporting, creating courses, or managing users.
With the switch from on-site to online events, many struggled with enrolling their teams into webinar-based training. This new Events & Webinars feature will help save time and resources while providing a clear overview of who has participated in the online event. Learners will have a clear overview of their event schedule & administrators will easily be able to provide new content for the course.
With eloomi’s Android and iPhone app you can train your employees everywhere they are. The app mirrors the learners experience from the desktop platform, and is designed to deliver easy, intuitive, and effective training. Now, we are upgrading the app with push notification so learners will always be informed when they need to complete required courses, or courses that have a specific deadline.

Released 🚀

Discover the eloomi Content Store, with all the content you need to train & engage employees. Cover any topic with over 75,000 courses from leading industry providers, including everything from HR compliance, to personal development, diversity training, and cyber security.

We’re making it easier than ever before to connect people with the content they need to train, upskill, and adapt. Simply navigate to Admin > Learning > Content Store and start exploring your new content library!
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Our newest product innovation, Skills, enables you to track, assign tailored training, and build learning paths based on specific skill sets and employees’ roles within your company.

With standardized business titles, a skills library, and personalized learning experiences, you will have your own organizational skills map to track skills gaps and drive growth. Additionally, learners can access self-directed learning based on skills and personal preferences in order to improve their performance and advance in their careers.

We know that our users have to log into many applications in their work. We also know that remembering different login methods and multiple passwords can be a pain for them. That is why we have made it possible for users to associate the login to eloomi Infinite with their method of login to the corporate account (SSO).
Our iOS and Android mobile app makes your learning experience even more accessible. The app is built to support you whether you need to onboard new hires, make sure your organization is compliant and secure, or get your sales teams trained and up to speed to deliver on expectations!

eloomi Infinite is now available in other languages, including English, German, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Icelandic, Russian, and Mandarin. This translation in the platform will help learners access their courses in a more familiar and native language.

Admins can set reporting rights to users on the platform to see reports of groups of users access to them. This can give managers and team leads gain an overview of their team learning progress. They can follow learning paths for groups they are assigned to, and drill down reporting from how group learning is progressing in regards to specific topics or courses, down to reports on individual users.
Never miss a beat and stay up to date with eloomi’s in-app notification feature. We have crafted a unique engagement flow, that ensures users will be notified via email when relevant platform updates are available.
Manage deadlines for course completion, and make sure that all employees are compliant – in time! Users will automatically be reminded that a deadline is approaching.
Playlists make it easy to bundle courses so it’s simple to create a sequence of learning activities that minimize administration and make it easy for the learner. This is similar to our program feature on the people platform.
Getting a deep dive into the overall health of your training programs has never been easier! Our Segment Reporting feature will help admins make better-informed decisions and show the value that the training provides by being able to pull a single report that combines all learning groups and topics in one simple overview.
We are now making it possible for customers to import SCORM courses with just a few clicks. Users can then play SCORM courses in the Learning Experience within the look and feel of the rest of the platform. SCORM courses will also come with basic engagement reporting.
Manual assignments have always been a struggle, especially in larger teams where people come and go. With the new Rule-based assignments this will all be taken care of. It doesn’t matter if you are adding users to courses, groups, etc. Rule-based assignments are available for all areas. Here’s an example: 👉 Going forward, I want all newly created users to be part of my Onboarding group. 👉 Then the Onboarding group should always have our default onboarding courses assigned. When the rule is applied, all newly created users will automatically be part of the Onboarding group, and therefore also have all the onboarding courses assigned.
This new feature allows the possibility to add users to a group. Yeah, it sounds simple, and you are totally right 😉 No matter how your organisation is structured, groups can be tailor-made to fit your needs. Since we have launched User Grouping together with our Rule-based assignment feature, administrators will now have the possibility to group users on a set of rules based on different user properties. Users will now be automatically added or removed to a group, based on if the users match the decided rules and administrators can then assign learning content to groups. This means that training and content will be distributed by itself – and no manually hassle work is required.
Categories & Topics makes it super easy to structure learning. Now, it is easy to organise your content and bundle courses together in a category or topic. With Categories and Topics, admins can easily add, edit and remove the prebuilt topic catalogue to match your users’ needs and preferences, while making your platform look organised and engaging.
Analyse user and learning metrics with your reports dashboard! This release enables admins to deep dive into the overall health of the training courses. Admins can see user completion rates, time spent, engagement and course metrics to understand the full picture and make informed decisions.
Save time and add multiple users with just a few clicks. With the import bulk users function, companies can save time and easily add multiple users to the platform by uploading a CSV file or an excel file.
eloomi Infinite’s first product, Play, is the most simple and engaging learning experience the market has seen. It is the solution for companies searching for a simple and intuitive LMS. This new solution organises and delivers learning in the same way Netflix organises and delivers TV and movies.

Content creation has never been more fun than in eloomi Infinite! Our intuitive course builder is easy to use for administrators and learning specialists and it increases the quality of content created. It features images, videos, podcasts, iFrame, PDF embedding and simple drag and drop editing. New content increases engagement among learners and ultimately determines how successful learning will be in your organisation.

It’s now easier to assign users. Managers can now create courses in the Course Builder, and then assign users to that learning as the final steps. It’s as simple as select users > choose assignment settings > confirm

Having a 100% branded learning experience is simple with our all new branding tool. It’s simple to select your brand colours, insert your logo and upload your own platform images.

Smart Setup enables a user to create and enter their own platform in eloomi Infinite in just a few clicks. This makes it much easier to get started because you can start setting up and exploring your Learning platform without multiple phone calls or any complex IT implementations.

It’s now possible to handle all billing and subscription preferences inside your platform. Check the frequency of payments, upgrade your subscription to a new level, manage payment details, download invoices, and see your total billing history.

Get in-platform product tours to help get started with your new platform on the right foot. A smart guided product tour is there to help you make sure everything is set up just right so that you and the users can have the best possible experience.