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Train your employees to recognise and deal with cybersecurity threats with engaging content from top industry providers

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Make training engaging & effective

We’re done with scatter-shot training, where most employees never even read the material. Start an effective training process that will actually engage your employees and secure your IT standards.

With eloomi’s intuitive and easy-to-use e-learning platform your employees will be prepared to handle cybersecurity threats and know how to act to keep your business safe.

Your next course is ready

  • Access top industry training directly in an intuitive digital learning platform
  • Deploy content in 18 different languages, curated by leading industry experts in cybersecurity
  • Get real-time reports on your employees’ training progress and completion
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Here’s how our training makes a difference

  • Each course focuses on practical takeaways your employees need to stay cybersecure
  • With over 70 courses, we cover all the topics needed for modern and robust IT security training
  • Our courses come with a quick test to strengthen knowledge retention and ensure compliance standards
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Stay up to date on cybersecurity

  • With eloomi’s cybersecurity e-learning you’ll ensure employees are trained in all the potential IT security risks
  • Create your own training from our huge selection of courses sourced from top industry providers
  • Follow your organization’s progress in real-time to ensure full cybersecurity compliance
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