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We like to run a transparent website with the content that is relevant for you and helps us create a great user experience. To do this, we collect, process and sort information about how visitors use

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Why we use cookies

eloomi uses different kinds of cookies including third party cookies to provide you with an optimal user experience and service, when you use We use cookies to collect a basis for optimising traffic on the Website and between other websites.

The cookies we use and why

_hjIncludedInSample – This session cookie helps us know whether a visitor (anonymous) is included in a sample that we use to generate statistics.

_ga, _gat, _gid – These cookies are used to see if a user converted and see statistics in Google Analytics.

handl_ip, handl_url, handl_landing_page – These cookies tell us from where the user entered the website.

Ubvs, ubpv, ubvt – These cookies help us track performance on our landingpages.

How you can delete cookies

If you do not want eloomi to place or read cookies on your equipment, you have the possibility of opting out of cookies in your browser. might not function optimally for you as a user if you delete or block cookies.
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