Claus Johansen

CEO and Founder

A bundle of energy

Claus is the creator of eloomi as well as the CEO. As the CEO, he takes part in everything from marketing and business development, to software design and customer experience strategy. With Claus’ strong passion for changing people outcomes and delivering high value to customers, Claus keeps innovating eloomi’s products to be at the forefront of the employee experience journey.

Taking it to new heights

Whether it’s in the office or on vacation, Claus loves a challenge and a high pace. Due to his extensive leadership experience, Claus swears by making things uncomplicated, being operational and achieving results for customers, business partners and the team. In his spare time, Claus continues to bring new ideas to the team, but the secret to Claus is that he is the real “Bob the Builder.” You can always find him repairing something in his house or the office and building different things. He’s the first one to rise to a challenge like when he decided to hike 4 mountains within a year which sent him to Japan, Iceland, the US and South Korea.

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