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We’re a people development software company that has completely simplified the way you help employees, leaders and HR create engagement, meaningful personal development & productivity. Our platform and team is creating great experiences and results for our customers by having the best solution for learning & performance needs, all in one place.

Our team is made up of over 25 nationalities all committed to our ONE eloomi culture, values and diversity standards. We believe that good business is about giving back. That’s why we have a strong focus on our CSR effort with contributions to the Red Cross, alignment to the UN Global Compact Principles and run on a green business model with zero travel. 

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We are dedicated to helping organisations increase meaningful personal development, motivation, productivity & results.



Our diverse team is made up of colleagues across 25+ nationalities, varying from ages 21-58. We are guided by our ONE eloomi culture and values, and are committed to the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact, which govern our Code of Conduct.



A sustainable business model built on investing back into the local community by creating jobs and skills enhancement for the work of now & the future.



eloomi is built on a green business model, which includes no travel where possible & 100% online capabilities. Integrated in the model is our CSR efforts supporting Red Cross and CO2 Reduction. eloomi is a supporter of UN’s SDG’s Goals:
#5 - Gender Equality
#12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
#13 - Climate Action.

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We created eloomi as an agile team of innovators and challengers – people that at the same time like to work hard and have fun.
We established our brand with the ambition to win big on the global HR-tech marketplace. The eloomi platform version 1.0 launched, quickly got market traction, and we won our first multi-market retail customer.


We released eloomi 2.0 to our 50 customers in 10 different countries. Product innovation and customer involvement was in focus. We were the first to connect learning, performance management and feedback.


With more than 150 customers across multiple industries, L&D leaders and frontrunners acknowledged eloomi as a brand on the rise. Solving people development challenges in a simpler way, we were changing outcomes for employees, leaders and HR. +100% growth in every area of our business.


We re-invented our People Development & Appraisals offering to meet the needs of mid-sized businesses. We opened our London office to accommodate the growing UK customer base and strengthen our local presence. Once again we doubled the business.


We grew our customer base significantly, including some of the best-known brands in Europe. Since we use our solution in eloomi, we have reached a 166% better internal work engagement score than the average European company.


Like all companies our business was affected by COVID-19. But we took a proactive approach and further expanded our team to come out stronger than ever. With customers on all continents and in all industries, we are over 100 team members in our Copenhagen and London offices that thrive and scale with our unique ONE eloomi company culture.


USA, here we come! To support our growing presence in the American market, we have opened our Orlando office and began building a strong team located there.

We have continued to work with the measures presented by COVID-19 and introduced a new way of working for eloominizers through an “eloomi Everywhere” approach allowing team members to work from home, remotely or from one of our office hubs.

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