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Make learning happen

Compose engaging blended LMS learning modules in half the time and push social content that makes your employees take charge of their learning on any device.

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Improve performance

Track on employee goals aligned with organization-level objectives, rate current individual or department performance and identify new focus areas.

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Check-in coaching

Change your feedback to be about what's ahead. Give development-focused coaching on objectives to encourage job satisfaction and improve performance.

Discover the why behind your numbers

What skills are we building in the organization, are managers executing on the agreed strategy and what areas of improvement are we working on?
eloomi enables you to share insights with your management team to adjust direction and drive better results.

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Connected LMS and performance management

Using a performance management tool that is isolated from the learning management system (LMS), or maybe using no performance tool at all, has long been a source of untapped potential for organizations.

But when you combine your LMS with performance management you enable HR to derive important Learning & Development information and create synergies that help you drive results.

eloomi is connecting the dots. In the integrated LMS and performance management platform you easily assign courses and content as part of the manager’s feedback to individual employees. One-click LMS and performance reporting makes it easy for management to evaluate across countries, divisions and individuals in seconds.

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