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Cost-effective people development for NGOs

Maximise your impact with a flexible and simple learning and development tool to deploy just in time learning to your whole organisation!

eloomi is a top rated LMS and people development tool


Easy to use now matter where you are

Access innovative cloud-based learning technology for every level of your organisation to build your culture and deliver training on a global scale in an end-to-end solution on any device, anywhere and at anytime to accomplish your mission.

Equip your team, volunteers, partners and other stakeholders

Content creation

The eloomi LMS allows you to create or import content in minutes.

  • In-platform course builder allows you easily create engaging eLearning.
  • Automate distribution of learning and create training pathways for specific job roles.
  • Reduce the risk of losing institutional knowledge by empowering SME’s to create learning content.
  • Leverage Instructor-led to empower and train your team.

Build your Knowledge and Development Hub

Provide your organisation with they knowledge to fulfill the mission and develop your team at the same time.

  • Develop a hub to build a leadership development programmes to nurture your future leaders.
  • Access off-the-shelf content to cover the basics of re-skilling and up-skilling your team. 
  • Provide evidence of training with bespoke or standard reports.

Create your own Academy

With the innovate eloomi platform you can create your own academy for every type of user.

  • Access an innovate organisational structure management that supports your structure, no matter how simple or complex.
  • Use the extended partitioning to allow other agencies, members, donors, students, contractors and government agencies to access your training in their own area.
  • Maintain regulatory and statutory compliance using course renewals to prompt learners.

Provide your passionate team with development and feedback that fits your organisation

Build your ideal feedback culture with goal settings tools, creating and managing objectives, developmental coaching session, 360 degree feedback and meaningful performance reviews. Connect feedback to your learning content to make more measurable.


A flexible and simple learning and development tool

This guide will help you to discover how you can deploy just in time learning content to your whole organisation! Also, explore how eloomi can help your NGO accomplish your mission with an innovative, customizable and flexible solution.

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