Lyreco Updates Their Performance Appraisal Process With eloomi Lyreco Updates Their Performance Appraisal Process With eloomi

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Erasing the Old Appraisal Process

Lyreco is a business supplies and equipment company dedicated to simplifying your life at work. With multiple offices across the world, their UK team of 1,500 employees was looking for a way to update their training and development system. Our LMS solution is what originally brought Lyreco to eloomi but after successfully updating their training & development, they decided to also digitize their performance appraisals process as well. 

Selina Jackson, Head of Learning & Development, said

The way that people grow and develop has really changed. In our organization we wanted to empower people to really maximize their potential by offering them a truly omni-channel approach to both learning and development and performance management.

Selina Jackson, Head of Learning & Development

Turning Regular Feedback into a Company Staple

Lyreco is dedicated to helping others simplify their lives at work, so they decided to take that same approach within their own performance appraisals. They wanted a simple process for their 200 managers to be able to properly provide feedback to their 800 non-managers and 700 logistics employees. The goal was to have these reviews for each of the three different roles reflected upon on a month-to-month basis. By moving into a digitized performance appraisals process, feedback has become a part of their employees’ day to day life instead of something that happens yearly & often not correctly. What is Lyreco’s favorite part about adding eloomi PA to their already existing eloomi LMS system? According to Jackson,

It opens up the opportunity to link performance with learning and development directly in one place which we’ve never been able to do before.

Selina Jackson, Head of Learning & Development


Manual, complicated and time-consuming process with low engagement and visibility.


Digitized review process linked to learning and development all in one place.


The flexibility to design multiple performance appraisals to cater to multiple job roles.

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