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Direct dialogues go digital

Eniro was looking for a way to update their quarterly, manual People Performance Dialogues. Their PPD was supported with dialogue, feedback and following up on goals. While their development dialogues between employees and managers are built to drive performance, they were interested in pursuing a better way to measure performance.

Converting learning & development

Integrating their PDD program into eloomi’s platform has allowed Eniro to be able to customize the templates for the discussions based on roles. These dialogues are all digital, accessible from any device and focus on engagement & feedback, goals & activities, job role, development and an evaluation. Using the eloomi solution isn’t only helping Eniro with their quarterly conversation, they have now implemented regular manager/employee 1:1 dialogue and updated their learning.

We believe our business achievements are strongly connected with our organization’s ability to help develop the individual’s capabilities through ongoing development dialogues in eloomi.

Charlotte Lentini From, HR Manager, Eniro

They use the eloomi platform for both performance & learning solutions. Since implementing the learning management solution into their organization, they have gained access to the eloomi partner content library filled with the most up-to-date microlearning and in-depth courses. A perk using eloomi LMS & PM solutions? Adding learning directly into a 1:1 coaching dialogue! An employee can gain access to learning right from the conversation with their manager. Eniro selected a solution that not only facilitates quarterly conversation but also provides learning and performance development all in one platform.


Quarterly manager/employee conversation done manually with lack of company visibility.


Digitizing the process while adding regular 1:1 dialogue focusing on goals and development.


Successful quarterly conversations with the addition of learning and performance development.

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