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The Team in the UK is Growing!

In 2018, we opened an office in London's Shoreditch district with a small team when we recognised the need to have people on the ground in the United Kingdom to serve our growing customer interest and customer base.

Jump forward to 2020, we are excited to announce our expansion and growth in the United Kingdom with a new office, recruitment of a larger team and an introduction to our new chairman of the board, Pete Daffern. This expansion supports the significant growth of our customer base, as well as sizeable interest from a number of potential customers that would need local knowledge and support.

Our growing customer base stems from eloomi’s recent growth in innovation, with features such as My360+ skills feedback and upcoming new product releases changing the way organisations acquire and deploy HR technology. In a business landscape that is experiencing an increased rate of digital transformation, the digital learning and people development space is becoming more important to the success of organisations worldwide.

Over the years, our current customers in the UK market have been growing at a rate of 100% year over year, and come from several diverse industries and sizes. Just some of the United Kingdom brands that use eloomi to develop and grow their people include Savills, Sophos, Clarks, Yamaha, Daisy Group, Vorwerk and Fiat Chrysler.

We have been using eloomi at Savills UK & Ireland for our learning and development efforts. With a workforce in excess of 10,000 employees, the correct strategy and solution for managing learning and development activities for our workforce is hugely important. Compared to our old legacy system, eloomi is a much more versatile and user-intuitive tool for delivering the strategy we have set out to achieve.

Shola Macarthy, Savills People Development Manager

From Copenhagen to London

To continue growing the strong eloomi culture, Brit eloominizer Jack Halstead has moved from our Copenhagen office to join Learning and Development Specialist Shae Joseph, alongside 6 new eloomi colleagues in our new London office in Bishopsgate.

The opportunity to be back in the UK and to work closely with the customers we have already established, as well as continue to grow the eloomi UK presence is an exciting one. It's been great getting the team together in our new location. Our London office is filled with so much talent, and I've loved bringing the eloomi vibe into the UK space.

Jack Halstead, eloomi Head of UK Sales

Jack Halstead, our new Head of UK Sales, has been increasing the UK presence from the Copenhagen office since 2019. Bringing Jack from Copenhagen to London was really important in order for us to bring the energetic eloomi atmosphere to our London office because that is just one of the things that makes eloomi such a special place to work in Copenhagen. Our Copenhagen-based eloominizers will make frequent trips to London to ensure our values and culture are continually strengthened, but we also brought our 6 new eloominizers over to Copenhagen for a week of onboarding alongside their digitalised preboarding and onboarding with eloomi’s learning platform. Bringing our new colleagues to Copenhagen meant they could meet their colleagues, experience the office space, understand the ONEeloomi values and get to visit Copenhagen.

group of colleagues

Here at eloomi, we are dedicated to helping organisations increase meaningful personal development, motivation, productivity & results, and that will be no different with our UK customers. We’re so excited for our London eloominizers to be closer to our customer base in the UK and look forward to helping British companies empower their people to grow at all levels. 

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