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Accessing learning content is now easier with eloomi.

eloomi understands that the value of an LMS is driven by how it engages your employees, facilitates development opportunities and provides the right content at the right time. … Read More

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Build Your Ideal Performance Culture

Many companies have been using the eloomi platform to help them achieve their performance culture goals. See how our solution can support you in building your ideal performance culture … Read More

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What’s in This for the Business?

eloomi helps companies create clarity for their organisations future, support precise challenges, and further enables managers to manage efficiently. … Read More

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Claus Johansen giving a speech during HR networking meeting

Iceland Advania Event About People Performance

In early June we went to Iceland to speak about the future of HR & People Performance at an event put on by our Icelandic partner, Advania. We sat down with our CEO, Claus Johansen, to get his thoughts on Iceland, the Advania event & the future of eloomi events.  … Read More

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4 Steps to Embrace Next Generation Performance Appraisals

People performance has gone through an enormous change during the last few years. A definitive “goodbye” to a notorious and long-lasting HR practice is now changing to a “welcome back”. … Read More

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two young man looking into a laptop

What’s the most effective type of Performance Management?

During the last few years I’ve studied the rapid transformation of performance management at close range. Depending on which approach you choose you will end up with widely different outcomes.   … Read More

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Eniro checks in for employee development

Implementing dialog, feedback and follow-ups is the way HR Manager Charlotte Lentini From is making performance management successful in Eniro. … Read More

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Eniro case study on conversations and performance

Conversations drive performance in Eniro

Using People Development Dialogues (PDD) to drive performance improvements. Case study from a leading search company. Ideas your HR can implement. … Read More

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