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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Onboarding

Having an effective onboarding process brings multiple benefits and positive outcomes. Starting from employee engagement and retention, building a plan for new hires is a great investment for the organisation. Besides, in the new era of remote work, a digital onboarding process can’t be optional. … Read More

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12 Common Onboarding Mistakes and What to Do Instead

The fight for talent and increasing expectations from new hires means that organizations can’t rely on their previous onboarding practices to be enough. To make new hires stay with you and keep employee retention numbers up you probably need to step up your onboarding game too. … Read More

Reboarding: the Modern Rules of Returning to Work

The reboarding process involves a plan to return employees to work after a prolonged absence by creating a welcoming atmosphere and offering the necessary updates about the company. With a digital and easy to use platform, you can build a tailored program with specific training and continuous feedback. … Read More

Essential Steps For A Smooth Onboarding Process

We live in a world of constant and rapid change, but not everything has changed for companies. They all face the same challenges when hiring new people; it’s the same for both small businesses and big enterprises. When you hire a new employee, you have to ensure a great onboarding process with clear steps. The quality and velocity of this process will distinguish you entirely. … Read More

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Jack’s 90 Day Onboarding Journey

We sat down with one of our new hires, Jack, to learn more about his experience pre-boarding in eloomi’s platform and what it’s like going through the first 90 days as a new hire. … Read More