7 Reasons Why Onboarding is Significant

An onboarding program allows new employees to get a headstart and become acquainted with their organization right from the start. But it also has huge benefits for your operations efficiency. See why the right onboarding strategy is crucial. … Read More

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Employee Onboarding Tips

Check out the articles and blogposts below for a deeper understanding of onboarding best practices and the effects smooth onboarding processes can have on an entire organization. … Read More

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Why You Need to Improve Creativity at Work 

Some people are naturally creative and choose roles that nurture that, while others need an extra boost to get ideas and support to develop their artistic side. One thing is certain, being creative requires constant exercise. In this blog post, you’ll find ways to engage and encourage your employees to use creativity in the workplace and maintain it over the long term. … Read More

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Proven Strategies to Build a Great Remote Onboarding Process

Remote onboarding represents a pivotal aspect for any business that wants to attract new talent and retain its employees. In order to offer candidates an exceptional experience, HR departments can overcome different challenges by using remote onboarding best practices as well as an intuitive online onboarding platform such as eloomi. … Read More

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Onboarding

Having an effective onboarding process brings multiple benefits and positive outcomes. Starting from employee engagement and retention, building a plan for new hires is a great investment for the organisation. Besides, in the new era of remote work, a digital onboarding process can’t be optional. … Read More

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12 Common Onboarding Mistakes and What to Do Instead

The fight for talent and increasing expectations from new hires means that organizations can’t rely on their previous onboarding practices to be enough. To make new hires stay with you and keep employee retention numbers up you probably need to step up your onboarding game too. … Read More