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Top Microlearning Content Drive engagement while solving compliance and skills training needs with world-renowned content. eloomi has partnered with top providers to add microlearning content to our engaging LMS. Learn more You may also like

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Woman sitting at desk looking at a LMS on her Mac computer

How to Make the Most of Your LMS

Learning management systems have many features to help you but where do you start! We highlighted some effective eloomi LMS functions to help you out. … Read More

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Man looking at iPhone while drinking coffee at his desk

7 Benefits of Microlearning

The average employee only spends 1% of their work week on learning. That is why microlearning, has become more popular over the years. … Read More

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CitNow employee explaining their learning needs to partner eloomi

CitNOW Partners with eloomi for their Next-Gen Learning

After searching for a learning solution to fit their needs, CitNOW selected eloomi to work with to help create the best quality content for their customers. … Read More

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Red headed woman engaged in e-learning

How to Make eLearning Highly Engaging & Effective

We live our lives online whether we care to admit it or not. We walk around with little computers in our pockets & share information with each other within seconds. With all this technology at our finger tips, why not incorporate it into learning? Here are a few tips on how to make eLearning engaging & effective! … Read More

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A group of coworkers with their hands all in around a table

How to get success with your LMS

Want to achieve success with your LMS? These are the pitfalls you should watch out for, and the goals you should aim to achieve in order to gain LMS success … Read More

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The great onboarding iceberg

Avoid Fails With the Great Onboarding Iceberg

How to do effective preboarding and onboarding. Avoid crashing into the great onboarding iceberg, and instead, take control with an effective program and approach. … Read More

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Woman on cellphone learning on the go

Guide to how micro-learning can revitalize your training academy

Training academies and other corporate learning initiatives often mean comprehensive training modules that take up a lot of the employee’s time and give a disproportionate low learning output.

Micro-learning is the opposite: it’s quick to access on mobile devices, easy to digest and straight-to-the-point communication, that is much easier to remember. … Read More

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