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How to Make Compliance Training Effective & Human-Centric

Cybersecurity breaches, data privacy neglect, discrimination, and violation of regulations – there are lots of incidents that can happen due to employee misconduct. Effective and human-centric compliance training helps you mitigate risk and improve business outcomes. … Read More

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A Simple Learning Approach Makes DEI Training Work

People want to work where they are treated equitably and with respect, and where the individuals are valued for being who they are. Diversity, equity and inclusion training with the right learning approach can generate a fair and inclusive workplace. … Read More

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Why Employee Compliance Training Promotes a Healthy Workplace

Customers, the board, and not least employees expect organizations to train their people in ethics, code of conduct, and wellbeing topics. Compliance teams can use employee compliance training to foster a healthy and safe work environment and a sustainable future for the organization. … Read More

Cybersecurity Compliance: Is Your First-line Defense in Top Form?

Employee behavior poses a significant cybersecurity risk but is also a focus area that is straightforward to improve for compliance officers and L&D. Cybersecurity compliance training can easily be implemented or upgraded to build a safe employee practice through engaging e-learning and an up-to-date LMS. … Read More

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The Best Soft Skills To Learn And Develop Today 

What makes us good at our work? Our knowledge? The experiences we’ve gathered in the past? All these answers are correct, but we also need to include our soft skill set. Our personalities can naturally contribute to developing some of these abilities, but it’s fundamental to learn how to put them in practice. … Read More

Elevate Your Learning Through Collaboration

Co-creation might be thought of as a buzzword, but when it comes to learning in organisations, it’s pretty relevant. Regarding training and learning, an L&D professional can’t always be a jack of all trades, but often they need to be when upskilling and reskilling employees. However, when you have an organisation full of talented and skilled individuals, why not ask them to help? … Read More

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No More Messages Missing in Action

Have you ever had the experience of a colleague asking you, “Did you get my message?” and your immediate panicked thought being, “No? I wonder which platform they sent it on?” … Read More