Skills & Learning

Soft Skills Training

Did you know that according to a 2020 study that 97% of employers surveyed deemed soft skills as important or even more important than hard skills?

While hard skills are essential for employees to be the right fit for the job, soft skills help them succeed in their roles. Equipping your employees with the right soft skills facilitates their personal development as well as the growth of your business. … Read More

two women in a workplace environment

Management Skills Training & How to Enable Great Leadership

Remote work and new business trends mean that managers need to sharpen their skills to stay relevant & keep up. Time management, project management, and especially prioritization abilities are part of a new set of management skills training that is becoming essential to build relevant leadership knowledge and experience. … Read More

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Stop Bridging the Skills Gap and Start Investing in People

Businesses face growing challenges when it comes to bridging the skills gap. With the pandemic shaking up jobs all over the world, the search for new hires to plug gaps is more urgent than ever. But the disruption is also starting to reveal how bridging the skills gap has become an outdated mindset. … Read More