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No More Messages Missing in Action

Have you ever had the experience of a colleague asking you, “Did you get my message?” and your immediate panicked thought being, “No? I wonder which platform they sent it on?” … Read More

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90% of HR Professionals Aren’t Spending Their Time Efficiently

During the eloomi Reality Report 2019, we discovered that 92% of all HR professionals focus their time on operational tasks preventing them from helping increase employee engagement, motivation and productivity, as well as reducing employee turnover and developing people. … Read More

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Is Human Resources in a state of Limbo?

We discovered in the eloomi Reality Report 2019 that 95% of the HR professionals we spoke to said that their HR departments are focused on day-to-day operational tasks. … Read More

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The Types of Cyber Security Attacks You Must Be Prepared to Fight

People think of Cyber Security and imagine advanced hackers sitting in secret basement breaking into their systems by exploiting holes in security. However, the truth of it is that you and I are the biggest problems in any defence. … Read More

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The Future of eloomi Reporting

eloomi users, you have been asking for custom reports & we have listened! Welcome to Insights, our new report generator. This is yet another innovation that provides easier access to your learning and performance data. Insights is just beginning of the future of eloomi reporting.   … Read More

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3 of the Biggest Headaches Pharma Faces When Training Sales Teams

I have learned that in proper Pharma sales team training and performance coaching is truly the heart & essence for success. Yet this, unfortunately, is not always a possibility. Well, that’s what I thought until I found eloomi.  … Read More

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Is great content the driver for a great LMS?

To build a great Learning Management System you need great content. Content is only great when it suits your specific purpose. … Read More

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What’s trending within LMS

As a fast growing solution provider, we’re passionate about keeping up with the latest trends within LMS ensuring that we are on the forefront and are always prepared to face the demands of today’s – and tomorrow’s – ever-changing business environment. … Read More

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More cost-effective employee onboarding!

Certain sectors such as retail, call-centers, restaurants etc. are often characterized with a very high turnover of their workforce … Read More

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6 Rules for Increasing Employee Engagement

We have worked with more than 1,000 organizations and sure have seen the complexity up-close on how to increase employee engagement and productivity. That’s why eloomi was born, to simplify! … Read More

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