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Why You Need to Improve Creativity at Work 

Some people are naturally creative and choose roles that nurture that, while others need an extra boost to get ideas and support to develop their artistic side. One thing is certain, being creative requires constant exercise. In this blog post, you’ll find ways to engage and encourage your employees to use creativity in the workplace and maintain it over the long term. … Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About Working From Home

Have you worked from home over the past few months? If so, you’ve definitely put together a few strategies to overcome everyday challenges. At eloomi, we have taken this opportunity to broaden the concept of working from home. We extended it to ’working from anywhere’ to create a truly agile work environment. Along the way, we have gained more useful information and best practices to improve productivity, motivation, and wellbeing. … Read More

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Engage Your Employees with Gamification in the Workplace

What is gamification? In short, it’s the application of game elements to non-game contexts. Gamification is also about adding engaging, fun and interactive features to increase work motivation and enhance learning. You can implement gamification in the workplace with a modern training platform and teamwork activities. This will result in much better productivity, collaboration, and employee retention. … Read More

How to Foster Great Teamwork and Collaboration in Your Company

Teamwork and collaboration are fundamental competencies for employees. They contribute to the company’s success and increase job motivation. With an effective learning and performance management platform, you can easily enhance teamwork, even at a distance. Read our insights to find out more! … Read More

Elevate Your Learning Through Collaboration

Co-creation might be thought of as a buzzword, but when it comes to learning in organisations, it’s pretty relevant. Regarding training and learning, an L&D professional can’t always be a jack of all trades, but often they need to be when upskilling and reskilling employees. However, when you have an organisation full of talented and skilled individuals, why not ask them to help? … Read More