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Learn more about industry trends, HR technology, product updates & eloomi news.

eloomi blog

Learn more about industry trends, HR technology, product updates & eloomi news.

how to develop your best soft skills

How To Solve The Main HR Challenges And Keep Top Talent

All HR departments face day-to-day challenges, from the largest to the smallest. But how should HR problems be solved? From the selection of candidates to the retention of employees, it is essential to ensure an efficient hiring process and maintain professional motivation. With a modern and personalised online system, HR can find all the support and solution on time. … Read More

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Product news

The Future of eloomi Reporting

eloomi users, you have been asking for custom reports & we have listened! Welcome to Insights, our new report generator. This is yet another innovation that provides easier access to your learning and performance data. Insights is just beginning of the future of eloomi reporting.   … Read More

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Employee engagement

Understanding Millennials in the Workplace & Workforce

Millennials are an overanalyzed and often poorly portrayed generation, but they are here to stay. Contrary to public belief, they aren’t trying to destroy the workforce, just change it a little. That can be perceived as scary but we can help provide you with an understanding of millennials in the workplace & workforce! … Read More

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Claus Johansen giving a speech during HR networking meeting
Company news

Iceland Advania Event About People Performance

In early June we went to Iceland to speak about the future of HR & People Performance at an event put on by our Icelandic partner, Advania. We sat down with our CEO, Claus Johansen, to get his thoughts on Iceland, the Advania event & the future of eloomi events.  … Read More

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Three men at the office in front of a pc
Skills & Learning

How to Make eLearning Highly Engaging & Effective

We live our lives online whether we care to admit it or not. We walk around with little computers in our pockets & share information with each other within seconds. With all this technology at our finger tips, why not incorporate it into learning? Here are a few tips on how to make eLearning engaging & effective! … Read More

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