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Learn more about industry trends, HR technology, product updates & eloomi news.

eloomi blog

Learn more about industry trends, HR technology, product updates & eloomi news.

how to develop your best soft skills

How To Solve The Main HR Challenges And Keep Top Talent

All HR departments face day-to-day challenges, from the largest to the smallest. But how should HR problems be solved? From the selection of candidates to the retention of employees, it is essential to ensure an efficient hiring process and maintain professional motivation. With a modern and personalised online system, HR can find all the support and solution on time. … Read More

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Performance Appraisals

How to Set Amazing Performance Appraisal Goals

Nowadays, performance appraisals goals are in the spotlight of many HR departments and among managers’ top priorities. Identifying employees’ strengths and weaknesses is a fundamental process to have exponential growth in a company. With the help of a modern and structured appraisal system is possible to establish a transparent dialogue between employees and managers. … Read More

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Essential Steps For A Smooth Onboarding Process

We live in a world of constant and rapid change, but not everything has changed for companies. They all face the same challenges when hiring new people; it’s the same for both small businesses and big enterprises. When you hire a new employee, you have to ensure a great onboarding process with clear steps. The quality and velocity of this process will distinguish you entirely. … Read More

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Company news

The Team in the UK is Growing!

In 2018, we opened an office in London’s Shoreditch district with a small team when we recognised the need to have people on the ground in the United Kingdom to serve our growing customer interest and customer base. … Read More

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Knowledge sharing

Building Authentic Resilience

Getting through a crisis such as COVID-19 or even just an ordinary day can be tough, and for some, it is almost impossible. When faced with uncertainty and anxiety, your level of resilience and that of your colleagues will soon be known. Whether the level is high or low, some things can be done to either maintain or grow your resilience despite the circumstances. … Read More

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Features & tips

Elevate Your Learning Through Collaboration

Co-creation might be thought of as a buzzword, but when it comes to learning in organisations, it’s pretty relevant. Regarding training and learning, an L&D professional can’t always be a jack of all trades, but often they need to be when upskilling and reskilling employees. However, when you have an organisation full of talented and skilled individuals, why not ask them to help? … Read More

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